Durant 30 points 10 table basket NetLock Forest Wolf

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Durant 30 points 10 table basket NetLock Forest Wolf

2021-12-04 12:03:20 49 ℃

The home 110-10-105 defeated the forest wolf and continued to consolidate the first position of the east.

This game Downs lacks, the top of the first Ridders come to even the three points of the branch, and the forest wolf starts leading. Ade throws, Mills hit three points, Harden broke through the basket, and the Net completed the anti-super. Taoilian Prince, Durant each scored two goals. Harden lingering, opposite Russell, Three points, Rid, Bisley, Vander Bart, into 3 goals, the forest wolf 26-21 leads. Since then, Bisley is also hit by Yuanyuan, and the forest wolf gets 11 points. Durant two punishment, Milles air buckle, the first basket network chasing 27-34.

In the second quarter, Mills hit 6 penalties, James Johnson, dunk, layup, basket network to play 12-0 to open more 5 points! The forest wolf returns a wave of 9-1! Ade three is hit, Johnson once again completed the basket. Previously, I was unabled Edwards broke out, cut 11 points for two minutes! The forest wolf 51-45 leads. Durant continuously killed, the basket network went out of 14-4, the first half of the 59-55 anti-ratios.

The third quarter of Van De Bilt continuously bombed basket, and the Ridders were fired. Basket network, Haden, Harden, Mills 2, three points, Nets 84-77 leading. Russell is in the middle of the place, the Naotiki, the three festivals, the forest wolf chased 85-86!

The fourth quarter is three consecutive fills, and Russel is the dry, thrown, and the forest wolf is 95-91. Duranting 3 balls, Mills triple, assists Johnson on the basket, last 3 minutes Net 105-101 leading! Bisley's two punishments, Milles responded. The last 1 minute and 33 seconds, Edwards broke on the basket, the forest wolf chased 105-107! Harden last 40 seconds, one penalty, one, N3, 3 points. Bisley did not have a three-pointer, Durant invested a hammer sound kill the game.

Durant 30 points 10 rebounds 6 assists 5 mistakes, Harden 20 points 7 rebounds 9 assists 6 mistakes, Mills 23 points, Ade 13 points, Johnson 11 points 6 rebounds.

Russell 22 6 get 21 points and 11 assists, Ridders 19 points 7 rebounds, Edwards 19 points 4 assists 3-break 8 mistakes, Van De Bart 10 points 15 rebounds 3 assists, Pinsis 11 points, Bis 18 points.