Jordan's existence is a double-edged sword of Piph, there is no harm to harm

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Jordan's existence is a double-edged sword of Piph, there is no harm to harm

2021-12-05 12:04:41 15 ℃

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, is an eternal topic that support the Bulls dynasty. Jordan has said that any time people talk about - Michael Jordan, you should talk about Scottie - Scottie Pippen. Even now so many years have passed, but with Jordan documentary "last dance" on the air, and for some controversial remarks recently Pippen Jordan, the topic of two people once again been mentioned.

In fact, not only our fans like to talk about Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Pippen is also fond of comparing yourself with Jordan. Recently Pippen Is not sell books on the occasion in their own, often mentioned Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and even that he is also great with Jordan. But there is no comparison to no harm, the more Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan to take their own contrast, it seems that the greater the damage to his own. On Pippen's life, the existence of Jordan is a double edged sword for him.

Pippen himself is also undeniable that the presence of Jordan's only the achievements of the great Scottie Pippen. But Jordan's presence, but also to the overall feeling of Pippen has been in the shadow of Jordan. Pippen always compare yourself with Jordan, which he has several times feels unfair, mentally unbalanced.

Pippen was most unfair that the 96/97 season and 97/98 season, Pippen's salary is only $ 2 million, but Jordan was able to get $ 30 million. It was very unbalanced let Pippen, Scottie Pippen thought, is also the team's core players, why pay such a big gap? This matter on whom it would be unfair and even angry, if you say the difference between the two pay hundreds of thousands or millions, perhaps Pippen can accept, but all of a sudden ten times worse, how can Pippen accept?

Pippen was unfair how to do? He thought of a way, change is a threat to force the Bulls management contract. 97/98 before the start of the season, Pippen ankle Achilles tendon rupture, and had he ended last season on a surgery, but he decided to come later surgery. As a result the Pippen have not been able to catch up with more games beginning of the 97/98 season. Pippen's purpose is very simple, it is hoped that the Bulls management to recognize the importance of his team for Pippen, the Bulls also want management to give him a pay rise.

We imagine, if Pippen did not get their salaries compare with Jordan, Pippen may still feel my heart feel better balance. Pippen was a seven-year contract has come to the last year, six years are over, the last year he would not insist on down? Coupled with public opinion in the discussion was Pippen's salary is too low, which has kept Pippen was unfair. Jordan Bulls management are required to pay rose to $ 30 million, why can not he Pippen?

The more the more I Pippen comparison is not fair, not fair to think more about his last injury is greater. Pippen trouble for some time, to see the Bulls management indifferent, did not give him a raise, that he will also return to the team, the Bulls won the final crown. And Pippen deliberately delayed surgery has also been criticized, it has been a lot of criticism, "last dance" The documentary also disclose this matter out once again to Pippen also once again feel not respected.

And "Last Dance" this documentary once again let Pippen feel unfair, why he is also the founder of the Bulls dynasty, but Jordan can not enjoy the same reputation and evaluation? Pippen and Michael Jordan once again for comparison, this time he wanted was an equal footing with Jordan. Pippen recently on many occasions publicly blasted Jordan, said that Jordan does not respect his teammates, in order to highlight their great belittle his teammates and so on, but this time with Jordan, Pippen contrast, I believe that in addition to buy more than a few books, subject Pippen hurt or his own.

Pippen publicly blasted Jordan, in fact, many people do not agree with his point of view, but we believe that Pippen pattern a bit too small. Barkley does not say, Pippen reason Kuangpen Jordan, just to give myself a forthcoming book hype heat is really not the face in order to sell books, but also did not care what the relationship between the old team-mate, friendship. This does not, Pippen and Jordan to want an equal footing, will probably cause him to lose a friend like Buckley. There are few people willing to slander their friends of friends who do?

In summary, there is absolutely Pippen Jordan's double-edged sword. Sometimes, together with the strong, but also it makes you stronger. But together with the strong, if you are not strong enough to combat for you it is very large.