Premier League - Manchester City 3-1 Five-game winning top Liverpool kills four consequences - Inter Milan 3-0 Rome

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Premier League - Manchester City 3-1 Five-game winning top Liverpool kills four consequences - Inter Milan 3-0 Rome

2021-12-05 12:02:41 52 ℃

Last night this morning, Serie A and the Premier League have two focus of the game. Premier League, Manchester City beat Watford 3-1, scored five straight at the same time beyond Chelsea rose to the top; Liverpool 94 minutes lore Wolves, also made four straight Premier League. Serie A, Milan's 2-0 win over newly promoted Salernitana, boarded the championship; Inter Milan a 3-0 win over Roma, and dominant anti-Ge former team.

[English Premier League - Manchester City 3-1 with two goals Sterling rose to the top B seat broke]

Beijing time at 1:30 on December 5, 2021-2022 Premier League season ushered in the 15th round of a focus of war, go to Manchester City away against Watford.

5 minutes, Manchester lead, foden pass on the left in the area, after the point of break Stirling header after bomb, Waterford Manchester 1-0.

The first 32 minutes, Manchester City scored again, the chance of a quick counter-attack, the Beijing-seat multi-Ann B consecutive passes, Gundogan's shot was saved Bachmann, B seats to get the ball hit the door succeeded small angle before bottom line, Manchester City 2-0 Watford. The first half ended, temporarily Manchester City a 2-0 lead.

63 minutes, Manchester seal the victory, the first field Walker B seats the ball to the right, which enter the restricted area, the transverse cutting Akira Defense, left foot volley far corner to break, City Water 3-1 Crawford.

74 minutes, pulled one Waterford, Hernandez to right pass teammate restricted the right, a low shot hit the post distal end. The ball bounced back, Hernandez kissing arrived sideways hook shot before the break the bottom line, Watford 1-3 Manchester City.

In the end, the audience end of the game, Manchester City beat Watford 3-1, the Premier League has made the tournament five straight and seven in a row. Since the current round of Chelsea lose, Manchester City lead the Blues boarded the Premier League championship.

[English Premier League - Koi 94 minutes off the bench lore Liverpool 1-0 wolf carcass ho to take four straight]

Beijing at 23:00 on December 4, 2021/22 Premier League season, the 15th round, Molly Knox in court, ranked third in the away game against Liverpool eighth Wolves. With Ao Liji 94th minute lore goals, Liverpool 1-0 away to Wolves, made the tournament five straight, four straight Premier League. Standings, winning Liverpool ahead of Chelsea lose this round, rose to second, from the top of Manchester City 1 minute.

The only stoppage occurs goal audience 4 minutes, Van Dyck Field Road plagioclase pass, Salah ball into the restricted area at the right end of knock, the lower right corner of the box turned Ao Liji stopping foot volley break, Liverpool 1-0 away 3 points lore!

[Serie A - Inter Milan a 3-0 win over Roma and dominant anti-Ge Savior just number one corner broken door]

Beijing time at 1:00 on December 5, 2021/22 season, Serie A 16th round conducted a focus on war, at Rome's Olympic stadium, ranked third in the fifth Inter Milan away against Rome.

The first 15 minutes, Inter Milan get the left corner, sweat Pradesh Oulu takes the line close to the goal line, the goalkeeper Patricio kneeling down to sell the ball, the ball across his wicket network, Inter Milan 1-0!

The first 24 minutes, Oulu Pradesh Khan and rear wall with Bastogne into the restricted area, the lower left corner of the box facing the closing down selected cross struck towards the ball near the penalty dominant tuishe succeeded, the score expanded to inter 2- 0!

39 minutes, 45 degrees left Bastogne in Dumfries point diving header after the ball into the far corner, significantly ahead of Inter Milan 3-0 halftime!

Easy side battles the second half, both teams did not score again.

Finally, by virtue of Oulu Pradesh Khan, and dominant and Dumfries trifecta first half, Inter Milan 3-0 away victory, made the tournament five straight games unbeaten +11, four straight Serie A + eight unbeaten. In the standings, Inter lose overtake the current round of Naples, it rose to second, from the top of AC Milan 1 point difference. Rome lost two straight.

[2-0 win over newly-promoted Serie A -AC Milan rose to the top of Casey scored]

Beijing on the evening of December 4 22:00, 2021-2022 Serie A season, the first 16 ushered in a focus of war, AC Milan sits at home against newly promoted Salernitana San Siro.

Opening the first 5 minutes, Milan made a dream start, Leo ball breaking to the left before the bottom line, then return in front of the inverted triangle, follow Casey in a small restricted line Tui far corner to break, Milan 1-0 Salernitana.

The first 18 minutes, Milan gain another victory, in the restricted area before the Zhise Diaz, Salma Michaels broke into restricted the right ball, Akira after opening angle left foot volley, the ball dead straight, Milan 2-0 Salernitana. After the goal, Salma Michaels came to the sidelines exalted Kjaer's jersey No. 24, the last game the Danes suffered serious injuries.

Second half both sides did not score again. The final, AC Milan 2-0 win over Salernitana. Since losing round leader Naples, Milan boarded the championship.