Durzan 29 points to the breeden 28 points!Raven 31 + 8 is complete in Harden, the 4 in Deng Gorge

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Durzan 29 points to the breeden 28 points!Raven 31 + 8 is complete in Harden, the 4 in Deng Gorge

2021-12-05 12:03:52 47 ℃

On December 5th, Beijing time, the bull was defeated with 111-107 to win the three consecutive victories. This game is bulls and stops 2 people. Subsequently, the official means it will not return. Bulls are dead with the eastern head names in this unfavorable condition, and the end of 11 points will be recovered in the last day.

Danno has revealed a trace of sadness in the interview before the game, and it is 8 minutes to open Alex - Carruçai is also retired. The first festival of the Bull is 11 points behind, and the bull is chasing half. Only 4 points, the third quarter of the bull chasing only 2 points, the end of the day, has to say that this bull is really tenacious. Ravin, Durzan, Wu Chiwi, Bauer's four giants are very active, these four people combine the basket network, completed the double kill of the Net.

The Harden in the basket is really bad. In the first half, I have finished 12, I won the 10 points 8 assists 2 rebounds 1 steals, three sections finished 15 4, although I won 10 points 10 assists 0 mistakes The data available can be too low. The end of the end is another wave of continuous, the whole game 21 is 5, three points 5 in 1, and the 14 points 13 assists 7 rebounds 0 mistakes, Harden is going to make a cooker.

Kevin Durant did his best, on the basis of Harden, he has added his own shot, and the first half of the 13th will take 12 points and 5 rebounds 1 assists, and the third section is 7 in the third section. Three points 2 in 1, 7 points, 3 rebounds 1 assists 1 cap, the first three sections have taken 19 points, the last day is 9 points, the game 26 in the game 26, three points 6, 2, 28 points, 9 rebounds 4 assists 2 caps .

Ade and Milles are still the stable output point of the team, and the Adequacious game 20 points and 3 rebounds, Milles, 12 points.

Bulls, Raw, Demal Durzan, is very high, the first half Ravin 9 4 won 11 points 4 assists 3 rebounds; Durzan Shang Half 10 in 6 won 14 Different 4 rebounds 1 assists, the third quarter of Durzan has been 16 points, Ravi Wen Section 3 Single Size 13 + 3 + 2, three quarters have finished 24 points 6 rebounds 6 assists. Entering the end of the end, Ravin and Durzan's performance also showed improved trends, Durzan also raised to 20+.

Durzan is a medium distance from Durant to Durant, and the two have a situation in the face. Harden is two-fold, and the three balls are not in the middle, Durozan will then pull out to 3 Divided, Ravin breaks through the top of the three-person bag, only 48 seconds after the labeling of Rune, Durant dried three points, and Ball tried to return to the sky. Raven around the game 20 9, win 31 points 8 rebounds 6 assists, Durzan's full game 24 13, win 29 points 6 rebounds 3 assists.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai