Broadrrocessing, long-scale arm technology

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Broadrrocessing, long-scale arm technology

2021-12-05 12:04:38 58 ℃

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The race rules allow athletes to make an arm action underwater in the underwater in the breaststroke competition. After completing the aqueous sown arm action, the head must expose the water before the second pulling two hands is drawn to the wider point. Compared with the water-surface arm action, the water sown arm action effect is particularly obvious, so athletes should often perform water-based arm technology to make full use of the advantages of water under arm.

Brochry underwater long-wrapping arm movement is similar to the butterfly arm. The breaststroke underwater long-erasing arm can be divided into three sections of oversteps, cohesiveness. Underwater, the entire long-scale arm process, there are two sliding phases, that is, the second sliding after the first sliding before starting the arm and the second tap of the ejection movement is completed. After the leging effluent action is followed by the second sliding action. The two-hand optic operation does not produce advance, the purpose of this watering action is to enable both hands to enter the power point, and promote the coincidence from the cohesive. After the first sliding jump into the water or the wall, the athlete should be kept streaming. When you slide, your arms should be closer and fully straight. The palm is close to the back of the hand, helps the body to keep the streamlined type. The two arms should be clamped to clamp the head, and the waist should be straight to avoid the genetic action. The two legs are close together, and the foot should be fully straight. When the sliding speed is close to the normal speed of the game, the hands started on the outside, and the outer scratch width should be width in the shoulder width, higher than the head to catch the water. In order to extend the waterproof route, increase the promotion, and the above can be fully.

After the two-hand layout exceeded the shoulder width, the elbow was started, and the palm was turned to catch the water. When you start the outline, your palm is down, then gradually progresses, and you can get the water movement in your hand.

It should be noted that the palm should not be posing towards the side. When you start your absence, your palm should be down, and keep this position until the width of the two-handed water exceeds the shoulder width. To this end, both hands should be slid outward. Do not produce the propulsive force, try to avoid resistance.

The overtakement should be gradually accelerated. Outline operation is mainly stretched, and the purpose is to prepare for both hands into the effective coemite. After the built-in-water movement is completed, the hands start in the body, backward, and laundering water. At this time, the action is similar to the built-in operation of the butterfly, but the waterproof route is long, and the waterproof route is half an garden. At the same time, while gradually, when it is placed to the chest, both hands are close to the closer, which is about 90 °. During the inner, both palms should be gradually turned, and the palm is turned to the inside. Athletes should pay attention to the palm of the palm of the palm should not be too fast. Although it is inward in the direction of the water, the palm is not completely internal.

During the process, the production of advancement is divided into a decline and the planar. This is the same as the pole generation process of butterfly and formal breast swimming arm. Compared with the action of butterfly and breaststroke arms, the difference is only greater than the breaststroke long-range arm movement, and the growth is longer. During the process, both hands should be moderately accelerated. After the second sliding is over, the palm is turned to the thigh, and the body keeps the streamlined posture. To this end, the arms should be straight, close to the thighs, and the legs are straight, and the back is straight. The head and the body are linear, avoiding the oyster action. This sliding duration is short, the momentum of the episode is weakened, and the second taxi phase ends. Then the athlete began to collect hands, water, and water. Leather and legs under water, the long scratch arm This stage has three hands before the top of the chest, then the legs, so that the body swims out of the water.

In order to reduce the resistance of the closing, the upper arm and the elbow should still be close to the body side, the elbow, the palm is turned, and the two hands should be proximate to the chest.

When both hands are under the head, begins to reach the arm. Stretching the arm should pay attention to keep the streamlined posture, at this time, the two elbows should be close, and the palm is pressed on the back of the other hand. Before the arm extends to sufficiently straight straight.

At the beginning of the two hand, start the leg. When the arms extend to the water surface, they start to stand hard. In order to reduce the resistance, the leging action should be as soft as possible. Try to minimize the hip action while the leg is legged, the two knees are properly close, try to reduce the leg in the body projection section, which helps to reduce the resistance.

Before the end of the water, the head should rush out of the water. At the end of the aqueous action, the arms started the whole, so that when the head rushed out of the surface, both hands began to catch the water, preparing to enter the potential stage. The athlete should not drive on the surface of the water, and the speed will fall rapidly. The athletes should take the arm to row up the head upwards. This is in compliance with rules, but also helps speed up the speed. The most important thing in combination with the movement, the width of the two-handed water width should not reach the widest point before the head is out of water. The test proves that compared with the head sliding out of the head, the head is rushed out of the water, and the speed is much faster. The head is so water, and each turn can be reduced by 0.30 seconds each time. That is, if you participate in 100 meters in 25m pool, you can win nearly one second, and you can win the advantage of 2 seconds by 200 meters.

The head is out of water, that is, should be inhaled, should be inhaled in the stretch stage. In order to adjust the breath, it is wrong in time.