Karag: Targa Drag The number of times is too frequent, which will prevent Arsenal's progress.

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Karag: Targa Drag The number of times is too frequent, which will prevent Arsenal's progress.

2022-01-14 18:06:13 22 ℃

Live Bar January 14th News Yinglian Cup semi-final first round, Arsenal 0-0 discussed Liverpool. In the first half of the 24-minute gunman, Zhaka was blushing, and the Kalag, in the Sky Sports Studio, gave it its own evaluation.

Kalag said in half a half: "Zaka did something that Zha, when the Tower did not deal with a good ball, he made a very ridiculous foul. In the way, the way he is shot and the force This is no doubt is a red card. "

After the game, Kalag added again: "From the perspective of the outside world, each main coach chooses to make Zar card on the field, so I think he must have advantages in leadership, training, and personality."

"He is an outstanding player, we can see his flash point in the Swiss national team and Arsenal, but he is indeed a team's burden. We can say Arsenal today. It's too good to play late, but usually, the team will only lose 10 people in Anfield, you will not just lose the ball, you will be eliminated very miserable. "

"In such cases, Liverpool should be a match with 2-0 or 3-0, and a big factor must be attributed to only 10 people left in Arsenal, which happens too frequently."

"Review the performance of Arsenal to Manchester City, but finally the game was also ruined, and Zaka made the 'contribution' (sending a sputum that is equalized). This situation is frequent today He is not the kind of young guy who you look will learn from the lesson. Instead, he is one of the most experienced players, which is to stop Arsenal's factor. "

"My performance is impressed by Altta and this batch of young players, but the experienced players live up to these teenages. And usually, the situation should be, this is a big Question. It is impossible to change now, because this is a player who has played about 250 games for Arsenal, which is the player they have to make progress. "