Redsh & Hill, Knox Interchange Trading Rating: Knicks A- Eagle C +

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Redsh & Hill, Knox Interchange Trading Rating: Knicks A- Eagle C +

2022-01-14 18:05:10 17 ℃

Start in the trading season!

Trading rumors always bring a lot of topics to the media, but only small part of the rule can eventually come true.

With the deadline of the transaction on February 11th, the fate of the Simmons and 76 people seem to have come to the end, and the recent increasing interesting news and movements began to start, maybe this means that the big transaction is about to arrival. The eagle and Knicks have brought us appetizers to us today. Atlanta management has realized that the team lineup is too bloated, so I made a decision to use a young man to change a first round.

The purpose of the eagle is obviously not just this sign, they want to hoard more first rounds of signing of subsequent transactions accumulated chips. Knicks sent a first-round sign that was strictly protected, got a young high-side wing they have always been looking forward to, and this young man is still in a rookie duration, which makes Knick's flexibility in salary. According to the practice, I will hit a score for each transaction, so start now, let us approach to assess the gains and gains of the two sides in this transaction.

Knicks get: Redish, Solomon-Hill and 2025 times (from Net)

Trading rating: A-

I like the decision of the Knicks management. First of all, I first table, I am a super fan of Red, but his NBA career will definitely be a little disappointing. He has entered the name of Duke Sanjie with Baret and Zion. Alliance, but in other two, Radis has not received too much attention. You may still remember that Redish is part of the eagle to go to the East Chiqi trading, but now he does not meet the expectations of the eagle. In fact, at the end of the season, he has gradually exposed some flash points under McMill's guidance, especially in the playoffs, and the performance of Redish is absolutely possible. Therefore, I started to doubt whether the eagle pays for a seriously protected first round sign and a front first round show (Knox) ​​whether it is cost-effective.

In the same year, I used a nine sign to choose Knicks' s management, and a few players behind him, you should recognize my statement. Knick missed Alexandria, Miles Bridges and Mikar Bridges. Knox in Knicks did not receive the recognition of Xibdu and team management. They did not prepare to renew him with him after their rookie contract, so the Nicks was sent out of the contract. .

Then we look at the first roundabout from the Horizontal, the top 18 is protected, which means that the big probability can only select a rookie in the 20th position. Do you determine that you can choose a better player than a triamis? Maybe, Redsh is really needed to prove a lot in this alliance. But in the intelligence, you can't help with a first round of the player who has a long prospects like Redish.

Let me first analyze the direction of optimism, Redish's addition of the Knicks has a height of projection capabilities on the side wing. The Radiss is practiced in the eagle. It is also a good three-point, and he also has a certain degree of borrow attack capability. More importantly, Redsh is subject to security to Knicks. In today's alliance, players who have these conditions are not too much in any team.

This year's snap-of-day Radis has the qualifications in advance, but even if Knicks is not yet (this is actually a big probability event, unless the Radi Shi can suddenly kill the four squares in the remaining season), New York will also hold Match the power of other team quotations after one year later. Knicks received a low-cost "free" trial period, and their future of Redish has great control. Radis is the player who likes Xibdune, I hope he can glow in New York, so that he and Knick can maximize the interests in this transaction. If Redish is really a new life in the Madison Garden Square Stadium, the Nicks does make a good trading.

Eagle got: Knox, 2022 protected first roundabout (from the wasp. In the 2022, the 1-18 position is protected, otherwise it will become 1-16 in 2023, otherwise it will be 2024 1 -13 位 protection)

Trading rating: C +

After seeing the harvest of the eagle, your first reaction is that this will be a prelude to a bigger transaction. Recently, the eagle wanted to get this - Simmus's rumors have already been very mad. The eagle manager Schlkk released in the Ontraite TV program, he believes that the team has indeed successful success in the last season, but he is now questioning whether it will keep the original horses. If I hear these words from a ribbed tape, then I will treat it as a hint. But now Lunk is speaking loudly in the public, that is, a notice, the eagle is announced to the Alliance "call, we are ready to trade."

A top-salary player (such as this-Simmus) requires the eagle to pay the John Collins at this level of players plus multiple draft. Abandoning Redish indicates that the eagle may be raising chips to put this transaction idea into implementation. The Radis's trading rumor is to suddenly expose in the near future. Previously, the eagle seems to have been very satisfied and full of expectations. Now they use such a long-awache young man to replace a protected first roundabout that is significantly lower than its value, is simple to analyze and have no meaning, the eagle management is not a fool, they must have it. More follow-up plans. But I can only limit the current facts to make a score. I don't know what the eagle is given to the current transaction. In terms of Knox's strength, as long as the eagle does no longer be largely smalled by a large number of injuries and health security agreements, he is almost impossible to enter the team rotation. Therefore, Nox it does not have the value in this transaction. The question is still the value of the first roundabout of this wasp in the end. If the eagle decides to pick the player, then I will reduce their score again. But if they really exchanged a cornerstone of the group, it will be a very good sale.


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