Rain over the sky!The official statement of the Liaoning men's basketball team, the Wréd, Han Dejun's new progress

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Rain over the sky!The official statement of the Liaoning men's basketball team, the Wréd, Han Dejun's new progress

2022-01-14 18:04:03 17 ℃

On January 14th, Beijing time, the CBA officially opened a heavy ticket, and the Han Dejun was suspended in 6 games, fined RMB 200,000 yuan, plus one of the automatic stop, and finally cumulative suspension. For Wims, 4, fined RMB 140,000, Wems is also automatically suspended, and finally 5 games. This is the highest ticket for the CBA Alliance since the start of the game!

In addition to the conflict on the game, the Liaoning fans were surrounded by the Guangdong bus after the game, and the Guangdong foreign aid Wems caused controversy. For such behaviors, the Liaoning Men's Basketball Club adopts zero tolerance attitude and strongly condemns the words and deeds of this serious Smea CBA League. Respect yourself, respect your opponents, justify, this is the foundation of all competitive sports projects, and the CBA League is also unable to. The official attitude of the Liaoning men's basketball team is tough, and it is worthwhile to be affirmative. Of course, it is also hoped that the fans can be able to retreat, all words and deeds are only for this game, and do not extend to other levels.

Respecting teammates are the most basic behavior, as parties, foreign aid Wems also have sent nine love expressions in social media, which is actually a response, civilized concept, reason for losing, after all, Liaoning and Guangdong Two games are the highest level of depends, it is worthy of our watch, it is also worthy of our players.

Wems also explained his big, 19-year men's basketball team, and remember that Wems wore the 11th jersey on the Affilia team to come to the Chinese team! There are still such a lot of scenes, we can't let foreign aid!

In addition, Liaoning men's basketball team also announced the injury of Han Dejun, and Han Dejun was injured in the game. After preliminary examination, the diagnosis of nasal fractures, edema, eye bleeding edema, loss of vision. Han Dejun will return to Shenyang for further examination and treatment. Han Dejun can recover soon, return to the stadium as soon as possible, you will always be the best Liaoning men's basketball team, and I hope that the Basketball of Liaoning will be able to come forward when Han Dejun is not there.

Liao Guangli Wars is also a paragraph! Wems Harder Jun has been banned, Guo Allen is not hurt, I hope that the next convergence of both sides can be less gunpowder, of course, the fans are still very expected!