5-2!Serie A Shenfeng went into the game again!Market price of 90 million Eubo, or become a winter transfer

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5-2!Serie A Shenfeng went into the game again!Market price of 90 million Eubo, or become a winter transfer

2022-01-14 18:06:07 19 ℃

At 1 o'clock in the morning of January 14th, Beijing Time, in the Italian Cup 1/8 final, Florence passed the Tower 5-2 eliminated Naples, and there were 3 red cards in this game. Naples only had 9 people left. The purple lily header star Flahovich opened in this game. He ranked twice the game from Florence twice this season.

Flahovich's goal appeared in the 41st minute, when Sabonara left, Flahovich's restricted area to go to the left foot small angle turned into the shot, 0-1! This goal opens the gate of Victory in Florence. This is Flahovich's first goal in 2022.

In the last 2 seasons, Flahovich has a rocket rate in Florence, and his 38-year-war in the last season sent 3 assists. This season is 23 battles into 19 goals to send 2 assists, the total number of goals 40 capsules. The 21-year-old Vlahovich has become one of the most hot strikers in the transfer market. In the German "transfer market", Flahrovich currently has a price of 70 million euros.

A number of people in Europe have interested Vlahovic, but in the recent stage, Arsenal is closely related to Flahrovidge. The Florence Club CEO Baroni talked about the future of the striker when he accepted "slow lens": "Before we asked Flahovich to make a decision and inform him, we are willing to consider all offer to Flahrovich But there is no official bid in any official bid. "

According to the Italian media, Florence's price is $ 75 million (about 90 million euros) in Florevich, in principle, Arsenal has no big problem for this price, but I hope to pay in different ways, current Torre To pull the rental efficacy violet lily, the gunman wants Torrera to the transaction. At the same time they are willing to give Flahrovidge to offer a 16,000-pound abler contract.

As we all know, because the discipline of the Captain Obami's captain is revoked by the club, the beautiful goat has no future in Arsenal. Therefore, the gunman hopes that Flahovich's deal is wished to go to the Premier League to play in this month. This is a leap in his career. If Arsenal meets Florence's requirements, Flahrovich may become 2022 The winter turn is marketed, and his future is worth looking forward to.