CBA latest ranking!Liaosheng double kill Guangdong, 4 general, handsome to eat a ticket, the 12th competition is tragic

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CBA latest ranking!Liaosheng double kill Guangdong, 4 general, handsome to eat a ticket, the 12th competition is tragic

2022-01-15 00:02:00 21 ℃

On January 14th, the 22nd round of the CBA regular season, this round of the Liaosheng double kills Guangdong, and conflicts in the scene. Zhejiang 22 points reverses Xinjiang men's basketball team, Guangsha Hao takes 7 consecutive victories, Jiangsu Dasheng Ningbo, Beijing Shougang 2 games, Debi War Shandong defeated Qingdao, Jilin killing Shenzhen. Shanghai defeated North Control, Li Chunjiang and Ma Black, and so on. Li Chunjiang, Ma Black, Wims, and Han Dun eat a ticket. Let's take a look at the latest CBA latest rankings:

Liaosheng double kill Guangdong;

The Liaoshu basket defeated Guangdong with 12 points in this wheel, and he took 8 consensus. Hu Mingxuan in the competition was expelled twice, and his suspected hips also triggered controversy. Han Dejun and Wims played in the field, and I also had a penalty today, and Wims banned 5 fines of 140,000, and Han Der, who took the initiative, 7 games and 200,000. In this season, two Liao Yue Wars in the regular season of this season have come to an end, and the Liaoshu is swept away.

Zhejiang Guangsha Hao 7 consecutive victory;

This round of Zhejiang Guangshan defeated Fujian with 13 points and gains 7 consecutive victories. Although the team wins, but the coach Wang Bo was angry, he angered the young players in the team showed poor, saying that if you don't want to play, you can reduce the rotation. This is also because of such a rigorous attitude, making the current Guangsha performance, the new foreign aid is good, and the team in the team can stand up in critical moments to lead the team to advance, there is a full attitude of Wang Bo, this season Zhejiang Guangsha is worth looking forward to.

Shanghai defeated North Control;

The Shanghai men's basketball team defeated Beijing North Control and won 4 consecutive victories, and continued to steadily at the top three of the CBA record. This game is very strong in Marmbri and Li Chunjiang, in which Ma Black and Li Chunjiang have conflicted in the first quarter. Each person eats a technical foul. After the game, Li Chunjiang and Marbury had conflict. The grievances between the two should appeal until next 10 years ago, Marbury is still the player of Beijing Shougang. I didn't expect this game, the coach was so stealing, of course, the victory is the Shanghai men's basketball team. Nowadays, Li Chunjiang and Marbury have been banned and fined 100,000.

Beijing Shougang 2 game;

The last round of Beijing Shougang defeated the host Jilin men's basketball team, and they successfully ended the recent 2 losing streaks. Today they also show a powerful side, and the big scores defeated the same. Take a winner. The most important thing is that the foreign aid Lin Shuhao has gradually come out from 0 points. The last 14 points, this round is 12 points, all only played 3, the overall play is still very good, especially for the same , The third section is 8 points and continuous steals, cover. However, it is clear that Lin Shuhao has not reached its best state, and it is also looking forward to his next adjustment.

The 12th competition is tragic;

The first round of the four direct playoffs in the regular season, the first round of the battle season, and the top 12 is very intense. After the winning rate is less than 50%, some of the teams have been ranked, and the 12th team has the 12th team with Jilin, Xinjiang men's basketball team, Qingdao and Sichuan and other teams. They are relatively large from the gap between the top 11, so who can catch The last trip last session is also a big point of this season.

Jiangsu ends 10 links;

This round of Jiangsu men's basketball team 89-66 defeated Ningbo, Li Nan's guidance finally brought the team to end a wave of 10 losers, a sweep. The two heroes of this game were Wu Guanxi 23 points 6 rebounds 3 assists and Huang Rongqi 21 points 12 rebounds 9 assists, in which Huang Rongge won the honor of the best player. Jiangsu Men's basketball team is poor, this defeating the CBA New Army, is just the 4th game of their season, I want to hit the top 12 playoffs, I need to work hard.