Characteristics | Cognition, he is the younger brother Li Changbang

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Characteristics | Cognition, he is the younger brother Li Changbang

2022-01-15 06:06:52 9 ℃

Li Changbang, from Tianjin Afu International Club, trained in Zhao Xi Zhe, a boy who looks silent, but in the bottom of the heart, thinking about the boy in all things. He is going to say that it is what he said, and what he will do will, it will be what he is going. He is 20 years old and height is 181.

In April 2021, he was the first time to participate in the Kunlun, although he did not win the victory, but his excellent physical condition and exquisite technology, he left a deep impression on the event and the audience. In the second game of Kunlun, the opponent is a domestic one. Because Li Changbang lost the game again, after this game, his emotions were extremely low, but in the guidance of the coach Zhao Hui, He gradually slowed over. Today, talking to people, there is no nonsense, but it is uncomfortable in the bottom of the heart, and who can feel the same? Desperately trying for so long, the chance to change did not get the result of satisfaction ... but good, he has always trust his coach and will always be a parent that will encourage him. Until this year's third game, the city of the game was heavy, and his opposite, but he stood in Shenzhen Shengli and Xu Jiajie. Xu Jiajie's experience is much higher than Li Changbang, even if it is, Li Changbang still I found my best state before the game, in the first round of less than a minute, the opponent Ko. Later, he described his own game, saying that he was particularly excited, as if the previous failure, got venting, the uncomfortable in the heart, and finally was resolved by himself.

Later, in the fourth game of Kunlun, he still got a victory. We can say that he is very thin, after all, this is a boy who practiced three years of free fight, we can also say that he is suffering, he is not worth it, he is ten Siwu because of the influence of Brother Li Lianbang, after practicing the martial arts set, turned to practice wrestling, in the second year of practicing wrestling, she won the championship of the tournament, three years ago, I came to Tianjin Afu to fight, he Said that he thanked his parents to come to their support and care. Thank yourself for your own careful cultivation, and I also thank my brother Li Fede, thank you of my boss. At the same time, I would like to thank Afu tobo this team ... All everything Make the teenager's dreams, but also makes the dream come true. In fact, in the third game, in the rain in Beijing, Li Changbang is actually very nervous, and that moment, the coach shouted: Don't be afraid, do it! ! He felt that he did not live up to the coach's expectations of his own, and this game became a great game in Li Changbang's career! Maybe each of us has its own dream, but in the process of chasing, it will always be hindered by a wide range of difficulties. Li Changbang is not a genius, even when he just went to the school, he could find that his strength and skills were not as good as others, but he knew that when others had never thought of giving up this project. He said that he can only work hard, since the technology is more than they work harder, pay, will have a return!

Not because I saw the hope, I would see hope because of hard work. A teenager who has a grateful heart can also be very trying to chase your dreams. Of course, there is reason to believe that in the future, there will be a place in Li Changbang!