Five artifacts of CBA Tele

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Five artifacts of CBA Tele

2022-01-15 06:06:37 9 ℃

1, Yang Ming's eyes - Tiger round, the basket is also shaking three shakes

Less Shuai Yang's style is absolutely extroverted, and the mood is easy to shape, and the snoring is ruthless. Sometimes he is tired of the players on the field.

This also has no way, the born is born, the players are all used to it.

Especially his pair of eyes, when you are screaming, you often have a smooth circle, just follow the "flower face" of the Beijing opera.

Slowly, Yang Ming smashed his eyes as a scene, where the Liaoning team game, this scene will repeatedly appear, fans also have fun, the game is intense, the coaches of the scene, give the wind The game added a lot of fun and tidbits.

When it comes to the end, the scream is good, it is good, but it is emotional expression, it doesn't matter if it is good, everyone's personality is different, do not have to ask for a thousand articles. You let Yang Ming are as quiet as Wang Bo, he can't do it. You let Wang Bo call Yang Ming as a scream, and you can't do it. Everyone has its own characteristics, this is normal.

The focus is also the team's record, Liaoning is currently the first place, and both ends of the attack are doing well.

2, Du Feng's whistle - the sound of the survey of the scene, the three armies have lived

Every team member of the Guangdong team must be more skill than another team, it is to understand the whistle of the coach.

"Hey ..." The whistle sounded, and the players in the field were naturally in their hearts.

Every time, when the game is tight, Du Feng often uses the whistle to prompt the player, what to do. This habit has long been developed. At that time, the scene of the audience was covered with the sky. If you deploy tactics, if the sound is small, the players do not necessarily hear, a whistle, simple and provincial.

Like Yang Ming, Du Feng is also "export-way". At the scene, the emotion is passionate, sometimes it can't control, the mouth is not covered, and it is more than other coaches. In this sense, it is better to blow a whistle, sometimes better than him.

3, Mabri's pocket - half "secret" hidden mouth, good brain is not as bad

Ma Blabury took out the note from the jacket pocket, hurriedly looked at it, then put it on the battle command, this is the racket.

As for what "Jinbi" on the note, there is no need to have a lot of associations and guess.

In fact, the paper is written, it is not so important. This is just a personal habit. What tactics he wants to play, there is a small six-nine in my heart, what is in advance, it is normal, after all, he is American Many things to China need to be familiar with and adapt in advance.

4, Yasis's dance - bald handsome passion, spiritual excitement

Greek coach Yasis is the most abundant person in the language. He does not light the door, and it is often necessary to bring the feet action to show the "strengthening effect" of the language.

Waving the arm, shouting loudly, this is a lot of coaches, but I is different from others, his movements are particularly large, the body moves quickly, and the arms are dramatic, and they are like dance with rhythm.

It should be said that the speech movement of the coach in the field will give the players in infection and warning, Yasis's "emotionally" command, will also add some spirit god to the Beijing team, the team members of the first steel itself, easy to play Get dull, coach's "demonstration", and players on the venue add some "stimulants".

5, Wang Jianjun's smile - Who is a smile in the competition, Mona Lisa rely on

Wang Jianjun is no longer the team's coach this season, but the fans must not forget, when he has been standing on the game, his face often floats a mysterious smile.

Here is a teachings, when the old king is smiling, it is not necessarily happy. On the contrary, when you see him face this "mysterious" smile, most of them are angry performance.

Most coaches will punish the referee, or the situation on the field, it will face anger, shout, but Wang Jianjun is different, he may reveal the "irony" smile. (This is not fresh, and Duncan on the NBA Estate was also sentenced from the technical foul because Haha laughed. It does not mean happy.)

Wang Guidian smile, very deep, there are many more content. The mysterious smile in Lisa, there have been there, it should be said that Bimona Lisa is more and interesting.


Regarding what habits or performances in the end of the game, as long as they don't violate the rules, they are spending, it doesn't matter, the basketball game is a fierce confrontational movement, and the scene is often hot, and the coaches of the scene are different. It is also a competition. Quite a pleasant scenery.