Emotional business is worrying!Guo Alan has burst into a fans, and the first control of Asia is speechless.

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Emotional business is worrying!Guo Alan has burst into a fans, and the first control of Asia is speechless.

2022-01-15 06:06:39 9 ℃

The CBA regular season is in full swing, and there is a lot of exciting content than the fierce competition in the game. If the most popular discussion in China has "Asia's first control", it is the cause of "Asia's first control", because he published a series of crazy explosive mouths to anger fans. Such irrational move is somewhat speechless, and the cause of the incident does not mean more, but Guo Allen's remarks will expand the incident, and personal emotions are really worrying.

In the Liaoning men's basketball team, Guo Allen's performance is still very nice, and the audience will receive 26 points and 6 assisted race team 2 points. For this game, final Guo Allen suddenly made a social media, and continued to express his dissatisfaction. The main reason is that the fans give him the title of "big nephew". For these three words, he feels very dissatisfied, a series of inexpensive crazy burst of crude fans.

For Guo Allen's "big nephew", I believe that most fans know its source, but also to Guo Shiqiang to teach the Liaoning men's basketball team, because there is a uncle relationship between the two, so this title is also circulating Come, and the vast majority of this title is called the Liaoning men's basketball fans, and other fans will make such styles. But now, Guo Allen's move is undoubtedly a "big water rushing the dragon temple", venting all his anger in his own fans.

In this regard, many fans have directly sunacried evidence. Screenshot of the official fans of the Liaoning men's basketball team, there are many articles to be called with "big nephew", whether it is good things or bad things. . In fact, for many Liaoning men's basketball fans, "big nephew" is more like Guo Allen's love, and there is no so-called relationship between the upper and lower generations. Guo Allen is obviously not so understanding, a series of inert speech changes the original nature of the incident.

Even after the first post of Guo Allen, I will update the dynamics in social media again, still very tough emphasis I don't like this name, even in the future, I don't want to hear these three words. To make an excuse of yourself, he said that if you don't behave well, even if you have insulting titles, you can accept it, but it is absolutely not possible with basketball. Just like the title of "Guo Yi" when the men's basketball team World Cup is better than "big nephew" than "big nephew".

It's just for such a thing to explode hard steel fans. Is this really doing it as a professional player? This is the title of "big nephew", the fans will definitely have the relationship between the superstition, just a simple name, even the fans about Guo Allen's favorite and miss the At the time of Guo Shiqiang. It is now possible to raise this thing with Guo Allen, although there may be no one will call such a title again, Guo Allen's emotional business and the people are afraid to be largely discounts in the hearts of the outside world.

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