23 seconds, two degrees, mistakes, funeral game!Tere Yang 24 + 9 this back pot, the eagle really the transaction seeking change

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23 seconds, two degrees, mistakes, funeral game!Tere Yang 24 + 9 this back pot, the eagle really the transaction seeking change

2022-01-15 12:04:09 20 ℃

On January 15th, Beijing time, the Heat 124-118 defeated the eagle to win the four consecutive wins. This game is very glue, the first hot fire leads 10 points, the second-year eagle is more than 6 points (single 40-24), the third quarter finished the eagle also leads 5 points, the end of the heat fire, 30-19 climax, the eagle, the eagle The last 2 minutes and 10 seconds began to fall into a dilemma, and the two mistakes of Tre Yang + 1 turnover of Helt became the key to the conveying.

2 minutes and 10 seconds before the end, Trre Yang broke through the manufacture of Martin's division, and the eagle achieved anti-super, but 1 minute 24 seconds before the end of the first 1 minute 24 seconds, the heat of the heat, the fire, Helt can only make Digit Tak two punishment. Subsequently before the final 1 point 01 second Speedang again lost the fire to continue to quickly attack Helt committed Bunro two penalty, this 4 points later, the eagle had already dropped 2 points, which can be said that the guns of the whole team have greatly affected.

The first 44 seconds before the final field is also a mistake. Butler is easy to do. Heat is 6 points in just 39 seconds. Triechi 23 seconds. Two mistakes, Badler has a first-fired hot fire. 4 points. Garyali's three points, the eagle enters the end of the foul warview. I have to say that the eagle is beginning to start from the two mistakes of Tre Yang. Tercha is the sinner of this service. He should lose the ball for the team.

Tre Yangfa game 35 minutes, 13 in 7, three points 7 in 3, free throw 7 in 7, win 24 points 9 assists 3 rebounds, hit the hit rate 53.8%, three-point hits 42.9%, from the data It is good, but the last day 2 is 0+ two fatal mistakes. His ability in critical moments has already had a huge difference in last season. Many games in this season have been perfectly lost.

After this bureau, the old eagle swallowed the four-game defeat record of 17 wins 24 negative eastern countdown fourth, and they were 4.5 wins in the Eastern Eighth. This may also be the reason for the Reeds applying for trading. Redish did not have a high cultivation space in this team, and the team may not play this season.

According to NBA reporter Mark Stann, the monk wants to chase John Colins and Miles Turner, and the multi-team is intended to be in the current situation of the eagle. Collins said in an interview "very discussion, it has been going to return, I hope to take more offense duties", it seems that he is dissatisfied with TRR Yang Dazhu, this eagle is also the time to change.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai