The US media once again slammed the basket, Harden was endless, and Owen became the event.

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The US media once again slammed the basket, Harden was endless, and Owen became the event.

2022-01-15 12:04:44 20 ℃

Nowadays, Owen in the Nets is already in a part-time identity, and after he is coming back, Durant and Haden's pressure have a lot of stress, and in the face of the eastern bull, they finally ushered in a hearty. Winning, but the current Nets has been attacked by many media because Owen has been attacked by many media. The new Net has slammed the Net team to make Owen return is a very irresponsible manifestation. It seems that the local media has not supported their decision. Yesterday, the NBA office warned the Net Net. It did not allow the Owen's non-vaccine to return to the home court.

Today, today's ESPN media neutral A-Smith once again stood up and slammed the Net team. It is probably not to accuse that they should not give the team to win to Owen, and their practices have taken the wind of the whole alliance. This will only make NBA's ratings and damage the interests of the branches of the branches.

After the doubt of the basket network, one of the team's giants did finally broke out. When I was interviewed that the Net Network and Owen have been criticized by the outside world, Haden said "is a group" People who have not worn, how should our team do not use you to say three four, we have our own plan, Owen returns to us very well, he can enhance the team's offensive strength, his experience can help us What is better to communicate with defensive ends? What will these media do? Just their work, the boss let them say what they say, what they will express. "

Harden's temper has always been very good, but the old people are also urgent, and the outside world continues to press the basket to make them more difficult this season.