Wrome Wems!Two major foreign aids are their vocals, CBA and Liaoning official

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Wrome Wems!Two major foreign aids are their vocals, CBA and Liaoning official

2022-01-15 12:05:21 21 ℃

Liao Yue Wars, Guangdong men's basketball team lost! Of course, there are some dramatic dramatic, but more is still controversial, Hu Mingxuan foot Zhao Jiwei and Guo Allen, WiMs elbow Hande Jun, Han Dejun then conflicts with Wims, CBA officially in less than a day, Processing properly and faster refers to the official attachment to this incident, and the impact of this incident is also more bad!

Official to Han Dejun was suspended in 6 games, fined RMB 200,000, plus 1 automatic stop, and finally suspended 7 games. For the Wims, 4 games, fined RMB 140,000 yuan, plus one of the automatic suspension of 1 final accumulation of 5 games. Such a punishment is enough to warn, but the crazy remarks of the fans after the game have also caused a little impact on the Guangdong foreign aid Wems.

In Liao Yue Wars, Wims elbow hit Hande Jun, Han Dunjun was initially diagnosed as a nasal fracture, edema, and impaired eyesight. The fans saw Han Dejun injured nature, it was very excited, but there was a scene that should not happen. After the game, the Liaoning fans were surrounded by the Guangdong bus, but also insults the Guangdong foreign aid in Guangdong to trigger controversy.

The first is Shanghai foreign aid Franklin, saying that he has been playing in China for 7 years, and has never seen such a thing, it is very dissatisfied with such behavior. Following the CBA Alliance to the open letter to the majority of fans, I hope everyone can watch the event, the spirit of the idea will lose, and call on the fans.

Then the Liaoning men's basketball team officially issued: calling on all the fans friends: The things on the court will be gave to the team to solve it, the fans are responsible, that is, for their own players! The Beijing men's basketball team has bossed this behavior with his personal experience. This sentence gives me such a sentence in Lin Shu, the basketball is a basketball. The game is the game, but the most important thing is to give others dignity and respect. .

CBA foreign aid playing is actually a very difficult thing. No matter which team's foreign aid, we have respect. What's more, Wims is not a very bad player. It is unintentional to Han Dejun's movements. Although the attitude behind the elbow has argued, he is more still returned to the game. My impression is the most impressive thing. The 2019 men's basketball team Wims wearing Yi Jianlian 11 jersey, cheering for the Chinese men's basketball team! Although Wims is wrong, but the fans should not be such a saying, I hope not to let the player cold!