Total is abused by medicine, Peking University Chinese system record 0-14 lost!Is the literary class not performed?

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Total is abused by medicine, Peking University Chinese system record 0-14 lost!Is the literary class not performed?

2022-01-15 18:04:27 16 ℃

According to legend, in "China, Chinese and Medicine", there have been "six conferences" in history.

The first time: Mr. Tree man abandoned the doctor from the text. His sentence "learning medical treatment can not save Chinese", shocked many Chinese people! 3354 Chinese won the first meeting of "Chinese and Medicine": Therefore, the greatest literatist is born in the history of modern Chinese literature!

Second: Contemporary famous writers Yu Hua, abandoned medicine to study literature, so it wrote "live" 103010 and other excellent works. Since then, there may be a general doctor, but he added a famous and talented writer on 3354. Chinese won a game again.

In the subsequent four meetings, Peking University Chinese represents "Group". Since then, in the field of football, open a page similar to the latest brilliant history of the national football "repeated defeat and failure, the gains and gains":

The third time: 2017 Peking University Football Cup, the Chinese Department 0: 5 is lost to the Medical Department.

Fourth: 2018 Northern Cup, Chinese 0-3 is not enemy medicine.

The fifth time: 2020 football new cup is Chinese, the Northern Big men is the most famous, they are in the whole Huaban game, 12-0 ate the medicine, after the game, they were criticized "insults".

The sixth time: 2021 Peking University Football Cup, this time only two foreign aid players from South Korea act as a striker arrow, but they output Peking University: The Chinese Department 0-14 lost to the medical department's new historical record!


Of course, Chinese, Peking University will give full play to their language talents in every post-game propaganda. The title of their Chinese department propaganda is "Xu Sumen sells the sold blood" 3354, it is "not willing to lose". How unfortunately, irony is ridiculous!

That's that, I can't help but think that the medical person I came to Chinese in that year, but I got the famous name of literature, which made Chinese professionals respect? But now? In the football field, Chinese people play, why do medical staff become "soft crabs"?

Or let's quit: Cannot say that liberal arts can't do a science, but also extends to sports including football? 3354 We may wish to give full play to the concept of Chinese people and analyze the reason:

First, medical students, or expand to science students, logical thinking, and studying students, especially Chinese students, image thinking, this is their biggest difference.

The mastery of football techniques, of course, it is necessary to imagination. It is said that this is the most lack of Chinese players. Most of our players can only mechanically play.

In fact, there is a football art imagination, essentially a talent of top players. In fact, for ordinary players, especially amateur players, it is also mechanized, step-by-step kicking mode:

For example, how to make the ball and do not lose the ball; it seems that it is more thinking advantage in the judgment of passing and shooting angles.

However, under the imaginative thinking of Chinese classmates, there may be the loss of this 0-14. At that time, the Chinese defender actually kicked out his own dark ball, one of them failed to complete their own black ball, this may It is related to the logical thinking that is easy to break.

Second, the physical quality of amateur players is actually the biggest key point. - As we all know, the sports students' college entrance examination should be admitted to the science, and the liberal arts have no sports students.

Obviously, there are many special sports students in the scientific team; medical students as medical students, clearly and more understand the truth of "life is in sports". It is estimated that they are more actively exercised more actively. So medical players may be better than Chinese players, or one of them.

The third is the practical ability of science students, and the liberal students pay more attention to artistic creation and ideological condensation, most of them will float the theory and image level. Obviously, in a more practical, more practical science students in life, maybe more than textbooks in investing in football. [Original review: Yu said that you have to take a break]