NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi elbow hits the violation, conflict with the opponent's mouth, Liu Chuanxing

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NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi elbow hits the violation, conflict with the opponent's mouth, Liu Chuanxing

2022-01-15 18:03:14 5 ℃

On January 15th, NBL ushered in a heavy head, Liu Chu Xing, the Burisban, and Zhou Qi's East Melbourne Phoenix. This is also Zhou Qi time to reappear nearly 1 month, and their contest has been postponed. This is also the first time in NBL history, the first time in China, the outside world is very high. Of course, Zhou Qi is the main force of the Phoenix team. He also cuts short hair, and Liu Chuan is the role of the substitute.

Zhou Qi, the early days of the competition, was very stealing. He Zhou Qi hit the opponent's face when the low offensive offensive, and the referee made a penalty penalty.

Zhou Qi encountered great resistance in the offensive end, the Phoenix team opened at 0-13, very bad, and then the bullet team leads the Phoenix team with 24-3 Phoenix. Zhou Qi has 2 blocks. He is still very big in the contribution of defensive, and there is a spikes and direct blocked opponents. It is quite good.

At the beginning of the first quarter, there is still 5 minutes and 36 seconds, Zhou Qi and Demach have a bit of mouth angle, and the two have been opposed to each other, and the gunpowder is full. Soon the Phoenix coach Mitchell will change Zhou Qi and want him to be calm.

After all, I haven't played in a month, and the opponent's bullet team has already played the game, so Zhou Qi still needs to be re-adaptively, in the four games in front of the game, Zhou Qi farm data is 13.75 points, 7.75 rebound, 4.25 cover, It is the coap of the Alliance, which can also be seen from today's game, and his defense is still very powerful.

Liu Chuxing also got more play time, as the first height of the NBL Alliance, Liu Chuxing can give a lot of disturbances in the basket, and then the Phoenix team encounters resistance in the basket. At the same time, Liu Chuanxing also sent a assists, helping the team friendly, coupled with the influence of China's Derby, so Liu Chuanxing got more.