NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi only had 2 points and 5 rebounds, Phoenix, Liu Chuanxing 6 points and 5 rebounds

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NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi only had 2 points and 5 rebounds, Phoenix, Liu Chuanxing 6 points and 5 rebounds

2022-01-15 18:02:37 6 ℃

On January 15, 2022, Beijing time, NBL regular season finally continued, in this round of the focus of China, Derby. Zhou Qi 's Southeast Melbourne Phoenix Team challenged Liu Chixing's Burisbane, this game started from the beginning, the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix team was behind, and their first competition is only 6 points, the offensive end is complete. If you can't enter, the opponent is, the better it, the single section gets 31 points, the first quarter of Melbourne Phoenix is ​​more than 25 in the opponent!

The subsequent section of the second section and the third quarter of the Melbourne Phoenix finally found a state, and the offensive end was also taled. It has always been stalemate with the opponent, and has not let the difference in the difference, the end of the game is also launched. Mode, but there is too much behind their first quarter, and finally they are still 84: 100 do not have the opponent!

The opportunity to win in this game is not much, the first round of this game, Zhou Qi has a false foul, and the state of this game is not particularly good, and there is no score in the half game, just contributing 1 rebound. There is not much opportunity in the second half of the competition, and the game has been played 17 minutes and 15 seconds. It shoots 3 shots in 3 shots. It has received 2 points and 5 rebounds. The positive and negative value is 0, which is a few positive and negative The value is not a negative player!

Compared with Zhou Qi, Liu Chuxing is very good, he debuted 11 minutes and 15 seconds, shooting 5 shots 3, get 6 points 5 rebound 1 assists 1 cover data, showing a very good state!

Both the two internal players in China have shown a good state, and Liu Chuan Xing played one of his best competitions in NBL. Although Zhou Qi is not a good play, the role on the field can still show a good state, the positive and negative value on the field is very good prove. After a period of rest, the players also need to find a state. I believe that Zhou Qi, the next game, should slowly return to the best state, and strive to retrieve the status before resting!