The people of the Lakers are robbed!Wei Shao said no fear trading rumors, fans: no one wants you

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The people of the Lakers are robbed!Wei Shao said no fear trading rumors, fans: no one wants you

2022-01-15 18:02:49 3 ℃

Recently, famous reporters Shams Charania talked about the trading prospects of Pistons in front of the Pistons. Shams bluntly, there are many teams interested in the small forwards of this offensive and defense, including Los Angeles Lakers. Shams said: "Yes, Wizards, Lakers, Knicks, these three teams are chasing Grant. He was injured, because the thumb of the thumb was lacking, he did surgery. So, it is uncertain before the transaction deadline Whether there will be transactions. I will expect the transaction of the deadline, and the Pistons will assess whether they have received enough returns to get rid of their star strikes. "

Although it is not certainly uncertain whether the piston will be willing to rely, it is certain that the Lakers do hope for further reinforcement. According to the latest news, the Lakers have contacted other teams to assess Dauter Howard, Dean Die - Jordan and Kent - Betmmore 's trading value. However, it must be recognized that the problems of the Lakers in the eyes are definitely not solved by small repairs, with Howard, Xiao Jordan, and Betzmore can change the players, the help provided is limited.

The biggest problem of the Lakers is still on Wei Shao. At present, Wei has a $ 44.2 million annual salary, but the performance on the court does not have this salary. In the last three games, Wei Shao scored all the doubles, and in 6 games in 2022, Wei Shaosan Both the ball is more than 15 investment 0, the layup can't, the shooting is not good, the organization is getting worse and worse, no one can see, Wei Shao is now in the lack of lack.

Senior Lakers reporter Jorge Sedano recently in the podcast show and even blusters should be replaced, he said: "Wesbrook is very bad, there is no other way to describe this. Very bad. I will tell him the substitute I don't think Frank Woger will do it. But if I am a coach, I will do it. "Sedano's remarks have been supported by several other names, but the problem is that the Lakers are hard to persuade Less replacement, you want to trade him, but it is even more difficult.

It is worth mentioning that in the recent interview, I talked about his trading rumors, Wei Shao said: "I am not worried. Do work, keep a career. Every year, my name will enter the transaction rumor. This is always Forever, never affect my way of work. This is what I mentioned just mentioned. I think this game is so different, it is from how to use it to affect things. "

Despite the words of Wei, just want to express his confidence, but still suffered a lot of fans, many fans directly said that it is because now Wei Shao does not have a team, his transaction value is almost zero. This view of the fans is not imagined, according to the previous report, the Lakers actually discussed the trading power, including Simmons who used him to change 76 people, but 76 people have almost no interest in Wei Shao.

It is also unfortunate that other teams are not in powerful. Since the season, Wei Shaojing can only get 18.7 points of 8.2 rebound 8.1 assists, the shooting rate is 43.7%, and the three-point ball rate is 28.8%, such data is placed in one annual salary 1000 There are about 20 million players who are still very good, but Wei Shao's current annual salary is 44.2 million, and the salary of the next year is up to 47.06 million, no matter which team's view, this is a rotten contract The strong team wants him to use it, the weak team wants him to occupy the space to rebuild, have to say that the Lakers really smashed.