NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi is too low, Liu Chuanxing 6 + 5 roar, winning the prince

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NBL China Derby!Zhou Qi is too low, Liu Chuanxing 6 + 5 roar, winning the prince

2022-01-15 18:02:28 3 ℃

On January 15th, the NBL regular season began a focus war. Brisbane slammed the Phoenix, Southeast Melbourne, avoided losing, and sent it to the second defeat of the Phoenix season. In this game, Derby, Liu Chuanxing, Mi Qi, and finally Zhou Qi 3 in 1, win 2 points and 5 plates 1 hat, Liu Chuanxing 5, get 6 points and 5 plates 1 cap, where Liu Chuanxing has faced the big devil It is very domineering.

The first day Zhou Qi and Liu Chuxing have not had to pay, including Zhou Qi 2 in 0, Liu Chuanxing 1. Among them, Zhou Qi was in the basket, and his elbow hit the opponent's face. At the same time, Zhou Qi also has a bit horned angle with Demchi, and the two have been opposed to each other. Zhou Qi did not score, but his defensive contribution to the basket is still very big, and the cover opponent is not vague.

Liu Chuanxing, the first quarter of this side, but assisted teammates Deng, and Deng jungly cook directly. It is worth mentioning that Zhou Qi, Liu Zixing, Zhou Qi, under Liu Chuanxing, the two have no opposition, the Phoenix team is backward after 6-31.

In the second section, Zhou Qi and Liu Zixing did not debut, the Phoenix team has been behind 28 points.

In the third quarter, Zhou Qi first, he was divided by his opponent, after receiving the captain of Krik's pass, Zhou Qi directly passed directly. Subsequently, Liu Chuanxing, Zhou Qi directly opposed Liu Zixing.

Liu Chuanxing took Zhou Qi, and his hands were brought into 2 + 1. Liu Chuanxing was excited, but unfortunately did not invest in. Subsequently, Liu Chuanxing took the board, and he did not move in the offensive end.

At the end of the end, Zhou Qi and Liu Chuxing won the defensive rebound, Zhou Qi and Liu Chuanxing were aligned, but unfortunately was encapsulated by the bullets, Zhou Qi passed out. Zhou Qi and Liu Chuanxing jumped, Liu Chuanxing hopped, but the ball was wrong to the hand of the Phoenix, and the next basket was rejected by Liu Chuanxing. The gap between the scores is relatively large, the winning and negative suspense disappears in advance, and the bullet team won the victory.

The focus of this game is still very high, after all, there are two Chinese high schools in front of the game. It is obvious that Zhou Qi is not in his own best, after all, there is no game for a month. And Liu Chuanxing 0 points, this is in the face of Zhou Qi's ball, quite domineering, futuristic. I also wish Liu Chu Xing and Zhou Qi, I hope they can be good in the future.