What glory can James get this season?He can compete to score the king, a while and MVP!

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What glory can James get this season?He can compete to score the king, a while and MVP!

2022-01-15 18:03:51 9 ℃

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As of January 15, the Lakers recorded 21 wins and 21 losses. According to statistics, this is the second time in James career, more than half, 42 regular hands, winning rates less than or equal to 50%. The first time I dted back to the distant 2003-2004 season, which was James's rookie season, and the knight was 14 wins and 28 losses. Although the Lakers is small with the fifth winner, but it is not better than the ninth position. The Lakers have never been able to get in the position, always stalemate with the excitement and the Nuggets.

So the Lakers are considered to play with the match. Last year, the Lakers played the game, but the reason was obvious, James and Davis were injured, so that the Lakers didn't have two giants directly, and the record was sure. But this season, if the Lakers want to fight, it is failed. Although Davis was injured, it was considered that the giant of Wiesbrook's full-quality, more importantly, James, he is particularly fierce.

As of January 15, James affairs data is: 36.8 minutes, 29.1 7.5 rebound 6.6 Assistant 1.7 steals 1.1 cover. According to the statistics of the US media, Since Christmas, the league score is James, and he is 34.2 points, and the letter brother and the Nibd are three2.6 points in the second, and the first Durant third, average 29.8 points.

There is such James, the Lakers may play with the match, except Davis injured, the biggest reason is that Westbrook will not play. James has been talking to Westbrook, but Westbrook has not given feedback on the court, even in an interview, still stubborn. At present, the Lakers have been reported to have some deals of Westbrook ideas, but there may be no team want to pick up. After all, the high salary is low. If Westbrook can't get back in the back of the game, the lakes will fail this season.

So James was wasted again. Although 37 years old is still so fierce, it is obvious that it is too big, not a good thing. However, James's performance also allowed him to upgrade the height of career at the personal level. James is the strongest old will in history, and there has never been this level of players. Here you can discuss it, what glory can James get this season? He can compete to score the king, a while and MVP!

Last season, Kuri did not have a priority, but he had a king, and he was also rated as a while, and the first three MVP was selected. James is in the performance of this season, is not on the library of last season. So James is currently impacted to score the king, backward Durant 0.6 points. James is also ranked in a discussion. Before the NBA head coach Dadi said, James rushed two in his MVP list. In the official latest phase of the NBA, James is in seventh. James also was selected by the Warriors' Green to choose the best lineup, of course, this is not an accident.