Grizzlies 11 consecutive victories!Nearly 12 battles 4 times back, 8 partitions in the top eight, 3 partitions

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Grizzlies 11 consecutive victories!Nearly 12 battles 4 times back, 8 partitions in the top eight, 3 partitions

2022-01-15 18:03:49 4 ℃

On January 15, Beijing, Grizzlies ended 11 consecutive victories at 85-112. This game is also 5 points in the first half of the Grizzlies, but the third section of their physical fitness has a significant problem of 18-34 behind, and the at the end of the festival is further blocked. Don, Jones, Kyle Anderson has a iron. This is the second game of the Grizzlies, and the key three points from the night and grab the 17 rebounds of the Kangcha game 0 points 1 rebound 0 assists.

This bureau is also seen as a war of Morant VS East Chicchi. The performance of these two is ultimately the East Chicchi Technical High, and he has 22 in the game 22, and the three pairs of 12 rebounds. Data; Morrant 15 8, win 19 points 8 assists 5 rebounds 2 steals. However, Grizzlies fans have said that Molant has left it, because the gray bear's schedule is really too screaming, even if a young team cannot maintain enough physical fitness. (Nash at the negative and Thunder to Tucheng Net 5 days to fight 4 games intensity too much) Take a look at the Grizzly!

From December 27th to January 15th, Grizzlies played 12 games. In 19 days, it has played 12 games, and there were twice in 5 days, and this last 12 game Grizzlies have 4 back to back:

After the king of December 27, the Lakers were played on December 28;

After winning the Net Net on January 4, the knight on January 5;

After winning the fast boat on January 9, the Lakers on January 10;

After January 14th, I finished the forest wolf, and I was able to solve my life on January 15; (why Grizzlies did not spit hard, tired)

In addition, the 12 games of the Grizzlies encountered the sun, the Lakers (2 games), Warriors, Knights, Nets, Quick Boats, Done, in other words, 8 teams are the first eight, the sun, the warrior The three teams of the Nets are still the first two in the partition. If the recent race is difficult, the Grizzlies say the first, who dares to say the second? Is it enough to go to the sky?

After this game, the Grizzlies 30 wins and 15 were still the third in the western part. Outside the way to the third, isn't this? Is it worth seeing? Grizzlies are a team of a ball, 11 consecutive victories is the longest record of team history, Molant is the super superstar they choose, they only have a little transaction, Bain, Xiajun also It is selected.

Wen / Yan Xiaobai