What is not stable at the foot?Taijiquan balance skills

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What is not stable at the foot?Taijiquan balance skills

2022-01-15 18:04:14 10 ℃

Have a hipster, Tai Chi is a contest. But I think it is more appropriate to balance, because the purpose of the round is still for balance. The box said: "Like the horizontal, active wheel". The ratio is the scale. Anyone who knows Taijiquan knows that the main means of its technically technically is through "there is a top, there is a left, there is a right, there is back", etc., " At the same time, the center of gravity is destroying the opponent by means of just soft and lightweight, so as long as the center of gravity of the other party is controlled.

And should not be controlled by the other party, don't do it, don't work hard, can't fight, escape, can only adjust your gravity, maintain balance, and sense each other with the direction of the other party, the direction of strength. The center of gravity is controlled by the situation. Therefore, Taijiquan has only "self-denial", "I am baked", "I am going back", "up and down" and other terms. In fact, the yin yang fish of the Taiji map is a balance map. The first end is connected, yin and yang, this is the rule of the nature, which is also the law of nature, violates this "biological chain", and destroying the balance, it will be extracted.

In Tai Chi, we often see the strongest, the first trick, the death card hard pressure, the subjective mess is always easy to defeat, because there is no good understanding and processing balance, the limbs have lost flat The phenomenon of the top anti-bumps, and the other party fills in the place. The high Kung Fu's high Taijiquan does not want to use any moving to play each other, but to maintain its own balance to make up for the "share" throwing away, in order to reach a new balance, the other party will lose weight due to not cooperating.

So, as Mr. Jin Yong said, as long as you don't fall, don't want to use Joq, just go to the gram. The other party is interested, not coming, everyone is very good. Of course, the high-priced Tai Chi family reached out to control the center of gravity of the other person, and it is a very simple thing to hurt the other person. However, the Taijiquan cultivation is the realm of "putting down the slaughter knife to become a Buddha". It is the effect of the Sun Tzu's "Don't fight and sleepy". It is not like other punches. It is not like other boxing. As the principle of developing armed forces in my country is defensive, it is not invading expansion, it is to maintain world peace rather than sports force bullying. This is also the reason why Tai Chi is young and the young is endless. Because as long as you don't survive the heart, it is the game, it is entertainment, it is a fitness exercise.

The balance of Tai Chi is a lot, and most commonly used is random balance and joint balance (also known as dynamic balance and reliance balance). The ball is rotating on the ground is random balance, so we can't say that the ball is fell and can only say it. The ball should be rolled on the ground with a point in contact with the ground, otherwise it will not move or not the ball. Taijiquan demands do not make a double, that is, as little as possible, the purpose is here, the purpose is here. But there are a lot of need to lead, such as the practice of the fist, demanding the virtuality and clearness, etc., not a day, this is not repeated.