dispute!Guangdong bad movements continue, Zeng Focus is a sun, and Du Feng: not intentional

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dispute!Guangdong bad movements continue, Zeng Focus is a sun, and Du Feng: not intentional

2022-01-15 18:02:14 16 ℃

Today, CBA regular season, Zhejiang Guangsha will greatly win the Guangdong men's basketball team with 20 points, and it is 8 consecutive victories, while the first season double kill opponent. The difference between the two sides of this game is actually kicked off, Zhejiang Guangsha is in the end, it is in leading, successfully won the victory. The bodies of the two sides of this bureau confrontation, Du Runwang grabbed the teeth of Zhao Yanzhen were knocked out two. Zeng Focus is still a conflict. There is also Hu Jinqiu, which is easy to build it to the belly, after receiving.

The controversy at this game is the last time in the first half, Sun Minghui out of the three-point ball, and the pre-defenders have directly rushed to prevent, there is a foot. After Sun Mingshi got up, he did not do it. Fortunately, the referee and teammates came, and the situation did not continue. Such Sun Mingshi three-pointer was fouled, and then Sun Mingshi had a technical foul, and he had a violation of violations.

After the game ended, Sun Mingbleo talked about the conflict before the end of the first half, he said that Du Feng guidance has also been comforted before, expressing an embarrassment, Agi is not intentional, will let him pay attention Your own action.

In fact, Du Feng guided this, it seems to have met, in the last round of Guangdong Province, the Tims broke through, the elbow hit the face of fire Han Dejun, causing his nose fractures, etc. Both people are expelled and banned. After the end of the game, Du Feng said that Wems made a lot of foreign aid in CBA, and he did not intentionally, would not affect the relationship between the two teams.

In addition to Sun Minghui, Hu Jinqiu was entered into the abdomen in Yi Jian, and there was no problem in the second half, and continued to stick to the game. And Zhao Yan's teeth are really no. It can be said that although Zhejiang Guangsha has won the ball, the cost of paying is still relatively large.

I also hope that the next CBA team can pay more attention to their own movements. After all, the players are most afraid of injury, and I hope that the action of the foot is not going to happen.