NBA stars also have an alternative, James loves nails, prior to Raceer

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NBA stars also have an alternative, James loves nails, prior to Raceer

2022-01-15 18:04:02 10 ℃

Say that this kind of thing, we all know that for anyone, everyone will have their own exclusive existence. And for the NBA's star, it is also a good thing to have it. For this, they are habits that they don't know in their daily lives. In this regard, I will let Xiaobian talk to you today.

James: Speaking James. It is also quite a lot of movements to him when you are young. Even on the court, the strength and status he presenting is quite awesome. But in the time of the Knight and the Heat, we can see him to bite nails during the bench. For this behavior, as a talented star, such a behavior, at the time there was some efficient ingredient. Of course, with age, in the later time, it is also reduced.

Thompson: Claila, which has a Buddha, is in a recent season in recent seasons due to injuries. But even in this way, for the rule of the Clay on the court, it is still affirmed by many fans. But for Clee players, it is still different from normal players. It is reported that before every game, Clay wants to read the newspaper on the dressing room. For this practice, many fans can't touch their brains.

Russel. It is a player who is the most populous player in NBA history. That year is him, successful restrictions on Zhang Bolun, making Zhang Bollen to hate the finals again and again. But many people don't know, even if it is like a player like BUG, ​​it will be very nervous before the game. So before he was in front of him, he would want to vomit. So, behind him surely gave up struggle, directly transferred to passively, active, in front of the game, to trigger vomiting. And all of this is because Russell can't help but spit before a game. In that game, his performance is very good. In the subsequent game, he began to take the initiative to vomit, thus alleviating the tension you played. I have to say that such a move is really called it. However, such a behavior also helped Russel got a lot of honors and made him more stable and excellent in the field. In history, it is probably only the tensions of his athletes have such a wonderful mission. After all, most people are still unable to accept such behaviors.