Boom 27 + 8 Rockets Double Star!Fox is more difficult to trader, can you join forces?

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Boom 27 + 8 Rockets Double Star!Fox is more difficult to trader, can you join forces?

2022-01-15 18:03:39 4 ℃

On January 5th, Beijing time, the king hosted a long-lost two-game winning, the king was still traced back to December. This game rocket first leads 9 points, the second day of the Single Festival is 14 points to achieve anti-super, the third quarter has already received the first to 9 points, the difference between the end of the two teams has been 10 points, last 1 minute The king is still firmly controlling the overall country's ultimate king to win.

This game is a backfinder, the king has Fix, Harryb, Badi-Hilde, Divion - Mitchell; Rockets have small Kemin - Potter, Jay, Green, Ma Springs, Eric - Gordon. After the game, I feel that the Fox rolling rocket is a two-star star, and the recent performance of Fox is nice.

The first rocker is 6, three points 1, 1, 15 points, 1 rebound 1 assists 1 steals, the first single section 6 in the season 6; first half 10 in the first half of the 18 points 3 rebounds 3 assists; Rockets Halffield 9 3, three points 3 in 1 to win 7 points; small Kemin - Potter half a field 8 4, 9 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Fox's first half of the Fox has been completely pressing the rocket double star.

The third day of Fox 7 in 4, three points 2 in 1, 9 points 4 assists 2 rebounds 1 steals, three sections have taken 27 points (21 points in the season), Jay-Green 6 continues to shoot iron, wavelet Special 4 in 2. At the end of Focus, the ball has given the right to Harryb, he only took it once, 33 minutes of the game, 18 in 11, three points 4 in the 28 points 8 assists 6 rebounds.

Jay-Green 32 minutes, 18 in 5, three points 6 in 1, 11 points 4 assists 2 rebounds, hit rate 27.8%;

Small Porter 15 in 7, three points 6, 1, 16 points 7 rebound 7 assists 2 steals, hit the hit rate 46.7%.

In fact, before this game, Darong Fox was deeply traded. According to the "Yahoo Sports" reporter Chris, Fox has triggered a strong interest in the trading market. He may be sent until the transaction deadline Star player. The king owner has approved all the team's operations, thus enhancing the team's strength, and there is no sales in the king lineup.

Sources also revealed that in recent days, Philadelphia and the king have negotiated the trading of Fox and this-Simmus, but has not yet deepened. If the king just makes Fox as Simons's trading chips, the Philadelphia will not be too interested, and the meaning of Fox can only be one of the trade Simons's assets, they also need to add more chips. Fox recently competitive state is getting better and better. If he can be sent to Philadelphia to join hands, the fighting power of the Philadelphia will inevitably increase. (Philadeli wants to get rid of Harris's contract in Simmons trading, this is a difficult point)

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