I am too embarrassed!The foot Sun Mingshi broke out, Zengzi foreign aid was punished, Du Feng apologizes

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I am too embarrassed!The foot Sun Mingshi broke out, Zengzi foreign aid was punished, Du Feng apologizes

2022-01-15 18:02:00 5 ℃

On January 15th, Beijing time, the CBA regular season ushered in Guangdong and Guangsha's confrontation. The Guangdong team of Guangdong team lacked Zhao Rui, Wems, which caused the overall strength of the Guangdong team to decline, half behind 22 points in Guangsha, the final score of 94-114, and the Guangdong team encountered losers.

In the whole game, more attention is more attention to the winners. The continuous injury of Guangxia players, the three core players Sun Minghui, Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yan are hurt, including Hu Jinqiu is in a defensive round Hurrying the belly, Zhao Yanzhen is the forced hit by Du Runwang, causing the teeth to be flying, the scene is very fierce.

The most trigger is the behavior of the grand feet, Sun Ming, who is a Guangzhou attack, Guangdong team defense, Zeng Focus as an internal misplaced wheel to defensive Sun Mingshi, the latter three-point line out of hand shoot, Zeng Focus and fierce Purple, finally manufacturing the foot condition, Sun Minghui is very dissatisfied after the injury, directly wants to rush forward and once the theory, and pulled down by the teammates. At this time, the grand expressions were still impatient, which makes the scene atmosphere to make further outbreaks, forced to apologize to Sun Mingshi to Du Feng to be the main coach, this forces the incident to calm.

When I was interviewed after the game, Sun Mingshi said that Du Feng guided by the Du Feng, and the "Typo" immediately , he also believed that the motion of the previous feasant did not intentionally. Sun Mingshi said: "Du Feng guidance and me said that the ball is not intentional, don't be too urgent, don't have conflicts. Du Feng guidance also said with Zeng Focus, pay attention to action." And press the on-site referee Zeng Focus was also punished by illegal fouls, and Sun Mingshi was penalized for a foul because she didn't control her emotions.

This is an apology of Du Feng for the second consecutive game. And the press conference will apologize for the post-match.

In fact, it is hard to imagine why he will make this action, even if the victims have accepted the apology of the victims, they can see from the playback lens. The action at that time was absolutely avoided, but he didn't do this, and then Sun Minghui was dissatisfied with the law. When he was too arrogant. Considering this factor, the probabilistic probability will be appended by the CBA Alliance.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time in which it has emerged. The 19-20 season Guangdong team against Beijing Shougang's series. At that time, the Beijing foreign aid is especially, and then it is expelled, after the game Alliance penalty stop and fine. Under the pressure of public opinion at the time, once he was written by the Guangdong team asked to write public apology, the incident was calibrated.

This time, the Guangdong team is in the game of the Liaoning team, because Wims hits Han Dejun, Hu Mingxuan will continue to punish violations of violations, which lead to the tip of the wind, need Du Feng to apologize to solve the problem. Just under the pressure of such a serious public opinion, he did not expect the impact on the team, making such a unique action, it is difficult to imagine this is a qualified professional basketball player. Based on the recent union, the union is strictly played against malicious fouls, it has been severely punished.

(Lin Xiaoyu)