8 consecrate!Guangsha double kill Guangdong, Sun Mingshi 25 + 7 Yi Jianlian 11 points, pad foot

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8 consecrate!Guangsha double kill Guangdong, Sun Mingshi 25 + 7 Yi Jianlian 11 points, pad foot

2022-01-15 18:02:51 3 ℃

On January 15th, the 23rd round of the CBA regular season ended a focus, Zhejiang Guangsha 114-94 defeated the defending champion in Guangdong, ushered in 8 consecutive victories, this season double killing opponent. This Vibes is banned, and Guangdong will play. Even if Guangsha has never been behind, even for 1 second, successfully won the victory. Guangdong continued to be killed by the Liao Shout and Guangsha, and he had a losing streak.

Data statistics:

Guangdong: Yi Jianlian 11 points 3 board, Ren Junfei 4 points 2 board, Xu Jie 30 points 8 help, Hu Mingxuan 11 points 2 board 5 help, Wang Saicai 6 points, Du Runwang 9 points;

Guangsha: Jones 13 points 7 board 2 help, Hu Jinqiu 18 points 4 boards, Sun Mingshi 25 points 3 board 7 help 2 break, license 9 points, Xu Zhonghao 12 points, Zhao Yanzhao 15 points;

Focus lens:

Sun Mingshi after stealing a dragon counterattack, quite domineering;

Du Feng complained about the referee and cited the technical foul;

Hu Jinqiu was Yi Jianli to the belly, and the next rest;

Zeng Focus is full of feet, and is blown violated;

Competition review:

In the first day, Sun Minghui and Jones continued to hit three points, Yi Jianlian two penalty, Hu Jinqiu followed into the basket, Yi Jianlian three-pointer responded. Hu Jin's autumn basket scored, Hu Mingxuan broke through, Hu Jinqi's hit No. 2 points. The license will pull the advantage to two digits. The score is 18-7; Xu Jie is thrown into, Hu Mingxuan and Hu Jinqiu are chopping, Hu Mingxuan has played, Jones bottom turns around, Xu Zhonghao hand score. Du Runwang three-point ball, permission to be 2 + 1, Zhao Yan's layup. Yi Jianlian is free to punish the whole medium, Sun Minghui and Du Runwang investive three-point ball, the first quarter of Guangdong 21-34 backward.

In the second section, Ren Junfei went to the basket, and then he was hit by his basket, and Xu Zhonghao continued to bounce. Feng Xin's anti-basket, Wang Saicai and Su Wei continued to pursue, Zhao Yanzhen three-pointers 2, Du Feng eat technical foul. Hu Jinqiu tonic, Xu Jie three-pointer, Sun Mingshi steals the buck. Yi Jianlian is enacted, but unfortunately add penalty. Jones two punishment, Yi Jianlian strongly entered, Hu Jinqiu was injured by the opponent Xu Zhong Hao to support the down. The Jones Rod, Sun Mingshi, the division came to 21 points. Xu Jie hits three points, Zhao Yanzhao's three-point hit, Du Runwang outside the line, there is still 1.8 seconds, Sun Minghui outside the exterior, the latter foot, the two sides have conflicted. Sun Mingshi cited the technical foul, and he had a violation of illegal fouls, and Sun Mingshi also had three opportunities. At the end of the first half, Guangdong 43-65 Guangsha.

In the third quarter, Hu Jin's autumn kit, Hu Mingxuan's hit three-point ball, Hu Jinqiu jumper to drive. Zhao Jinyang hits three points, Zhao Yan is dropped by Feng Xin. Xu Jie hits three points, Hu Jinqiu on the basket, Sun Minghui outside the line. Jones rebounded, Zhu Junlong two penalties, Zhao Jinyang three-pointer. Jones and Xu Jie scored, Hu Jinqiu countered the buckle, Sun Minghui two penalties. Sun Mingshi continued to have a rustic pool, and Xu Zhonghao expanded the score gap. Liu Quan bid on the back basket, Zhao Jinyang two free throws, Zhao Jiaren hits 2 + 1, three sections, Guangsha lead 28 points.

In the fourth quarter, Zhao Jinyang dunks, Du Jinlun, Zhao Jinyang, and Zeng Focus jumped up his hands and dunks, Xu Jie hit three points. Li Jinjun's two punishments, Zhao Jiaren hit three points, after Zhejiang Guangsha maintained a lead, successfully won the victory.

Two teams starting lineup:

Guangdong: Xu Jie, Hu Mingxuan, Liu Quan, Ren Junfei, Yi Jianlian;

Guangsha: License, Sun Minghui, Zhu Junlong, Jones, Hu Jinqiu;