Guangsha double killing Guangdong lost, Sun Minghui is taken with footer, Zhao Yan is knocked out two teeth

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Guangsha double killing Guangdong lost, Sun Minghui is taken with footer, Zhao Yan is knocked out two teeth

2022-01-15 18:02:00 3 ℃

94-114, Guangdong also lost, the two sections in the top two in front of this game, 22 points behind, although Xu Jie played outstanding, but still could not reverse, and finally lost 20 points, encountered two joints, and continuously was followed by Liaoning and Guangdong Double kill. In the competition, Zeng Express is a hot discussion, Zhao Yan is fighting and Du Runwang collided, and two teeth have also been found, and the teammates help him find it at the scene.

In Guangdong, I lost to Liaoning, the game in the competition, the two people were suspended, and Hu Mingxuan was expelled, which also became the focus of the fans, especially Hu Mingxuan's two foot fouls, controversial big. In the face of Guangdong, Guangdong is relatively complete, Du Feng is facing a big problem, and Wems and Zhao Rui can't play, and the momentum of Guangsha is very good, it is already 7 consecutive victories.

The first quarter is a leader, and they have achieved 13 points in the first section. In the second quarter, Guangdong is still unable to reduce the difference, and the half is the gap between 22 points. This is a very important for Guangdong. Difficult because they lack the truly stable scorepoint. A new situation has also appeared in the top two games, especially the grandmother of the grandfather, which has triggered conflicts.

Objectively said that this movement has really no, obviously reach the feet to Sun Mingshi's feet, this movement is very dangerous, Sun Minghui is also very angry, get up to find a grand theory, this has also received technical foul. For the previous future, this illegal foul is not awkward. Guangdong team members have been deported, and the fouls of the continuous foot feet, Du Feng really should manage it.

In the next two, Guangsha still played better, and Zhao Yanzhen wanted to steal Du Runwang in the process of defensive, and the face was hit by Du Runwang's elbow, and the two teeth were knocked. This time, Zhao Yanzhen took the initiative to steal, and Du Runwang had a moving movement. In this process, the two had collisions, and Zhao Yan did not move, he has also went to the hospital for examination.

The final result has no suspense, and Guangsha greatly win Guangdong, winning 8 consecutive victories, and Guangdong encounters losers, and is killed by Guangsha, two consecutive games, Guangdong is successful in Liaoning and Guangsha, Du Feng's team I have encountered a new problem, but for them, it should also sum up the problem of these two games, or say that your actions and play.