Dejia official website Interview with Gherbri: La Wan Zi should receive a world football

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Dejia official website Interview with Gherbri: La Wan Zi should receive a world football

2022-01-15 18:02:39 3 ℃

In this period of interview, the 26-year-old top offensive talked about his stunning play in Bayern with Cologne, why said his club friendly should win a grand prize in the upcoming International Footage Year-end Awards Ceremony And your support for "Tackleafrica" ​​sexual education theme activities.

Dejia official website: One thing you have done in Christmas holiday is to read a NBA game in Miami. What kind of experience is that? Where did you come from the enthusiasm of basketball?

Gardry: Yes, I went to Miami before Christmas. I saw the heat of the Indiana Paceser, I really like it. For me, watch a sports competition rather than the game is always a beautiful thing, then I can relax on the court, watching the performance of the players, see how they are in sports from their own field to the other side. Compete.

Where did these enthusiasm come from? From the accumulated development of many years, I like to LaBron and James - Harden and all these stars. As long as it is possible, I try to see these games.

Dejia official website: You will be on Saturday. You can always impress the performance at Arraises: A total of 11 grain balls, one of the eight games, and even the number of people in Cologne is higher than that of L'Wando Foski! What do you think of this? Why do you like to kick with Cologne so?

Gazbri: I want to say that I can really be very good with Cologne, so I hope that this Saturday can enter a few goals. Which position will happen from these goals, I can't tell you. Said a fault, I enjoys the kick in the Cologne Stadium, which is a great stadium. So far, I am very fortunate to go into the ball in their game, I hope this is the performance before I can repeat it.

Dejia official website: Recently, the League has achieved three consecutive victories to make Cologne, what makes them so power this season? How do you want to break their winning win?

Gardry: I think they become very powerful under the leadership of new coaches, which is very important to their current physical functions. Their oppression of the of is very good, and the striker has conducted a lot of support. The state of Modsco is very good, they will not be admitted, they will only move forward.

For us, kick out our game in our competition, master the right to hit the ball, and is the key to winning the victory. We have to play the opportunity to get here in Cologne in our controlled mode.

Demlic official website: Although there are still several games to play, we look forward to the competition of Bayern against RB Leipzi in February. The front RB Leipzig is considered to be chased by Bayern, so far they have not reached the expected results. However, they proved that they can play very well in the game of Weinz. How do you evaluate RB Leipzig? What is their strength?

Gazbri: Of course, Leipzig has a great team with many genius players. This season, they have been playing very struggle, but this does not mean that they will not be prepared in the game. For us, this will be an important competition, which is also decisive for our consolidation of leading advantages on Dortmund. We must win, especially in the competition with the team like Leipzi. I hope that we can win all the games before this, and get three points again in the game of Biipi.

Defligk official website: International Football will issue awards in Mr. World Football in Monday, Robert Levando Skyski is nominated. Do you think he should get this award?

Gardry: I think he may be the most stable player in the past two years. In my eyes - very clearly he is my teammate - I hope he can get this award, I wish him all the best. In my opinion, his status is to keep the most stable. He entered so much goal, it is not a neglimation. He also broke several records, so I thought he was elected to the world's football. "

Dejia official website: International Foots will also issue an annual best door award, Manuel-Noure is nominated, do you think he should win?

Gardry: Because he is an outstanding goalkeeper, he has proved that he is the best, at least I can say, he is the best goalkeeper I have ever seen. In my opinion, he should win the best door.

官 网: In 2019, you travel to Côte d'Ivoire, visited a public welfare project you supported by Commongoal's "Tackleafrica", will you still think about this trip? What evaluations do you have for your social events? (Editor's Note: Commongoal is a community public welfare organization, which is a community public welfare organization that has developed by football. The second part of Melks is next to the second budman who added Commongoal after Johls; Tackleafrica is Africa A public welfare project that promotes anti-Ai and sexual health through football)

Gardry: Of course, sometimes I browse my own photos, I see my visit to the "Tackleafrica" ​​facility, I will think and talk about this event. I want to continue my social activities, try to have a plan to participate in these emerging things. Unfortunately, these two years have not been visited again, I hope I can go to the local visit as soon as possible.