Lying to earn $ 127 million!Parsons officially announced from NBA retirement, before the accident caused by a car accident

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Lying to earn $ 127 million!Parsons officially announced from NBA retirement, before the accident caused by a car accident

2022-01-19 12:05:18 32 ℃

On January 19, Beijing, the NBA famous player Parsons, who used to be effective in the rocket, Grizzlies, issued a dynamic declaration of their own career in the social media. He released many of themselves for this. The photo on the NBA, and this dynamic also caused many people's attention. Because Parsons did not achieve particularly big achievements in NBA, his well-known is very high. He is also considered to be the most handsome star of NBA, but he can only be embarrassed at this moment. Retire.

Many people have regarded Parsons as the most potential small forwards in that era. His performance in the early days of career is even better than Berenard, but he later got a big contract, but since she went down. But this does not affect Parsons to make friends in the Alliance. Many stars will leave for him in his dynamic, and Harden has Tre, Yang, all star players, called Parsons for me. brother. This can also be seen that Parsons are not bad in the alliance, but he has never placed the mind on the top of playing.

When it comes to mentioning the relationship between Parsons and Grizzlies, there is no relationship between Parsons, and Parsons can't seek a big contract in the Rocket, and can only come to the Salers. However, two years later Grizzlies actually gave Parsons, a 4-year value of 90 million contracts worth 13.7 points. The contract is also a turning point of Parsys' career. He has begun to injure, and in just a few years, Parsons will be a hurting from a very potential small forward. Crossing the mouse.

And after injury, he did not actively trained to maintain its own state, but it was an euity to the nightclub and beauty, which also led to a sharp decline in Parsons. If the Grizzlies, Parsons may also play in the alliance. Perhaps because of the big contract got in Parsons, this series of injuries made him understand a truth, that is, not playing, you can get money, do not need active training, you can get salary, from this pair Sion begins with a hairpin. The most news about his news is to play together with the beauty.

Although Parsons also wanted to find their own moments, it was really too late. His talent has already been saved by him, and there is no way to do something. And before 11 weeks ago, Parsse also gave birth to a child, perhaps this child's arrival, let Parsons understand how they live later. So now he chose to retire, this is a good news for him, because he does not have a way to find his own yourself, this time retired is a good choice.

According to the statistics of the US media, Parsons played 213 games in Rocket Careers, and he only earned 2.7 million at the time. He then hit 227 games for other teams, but he earned 125 million. The entire career has got a total of $ 12.7 million for salary of $ 12.7 billion in a total of more than 400 times a total of more than 400 times. This may be the player who is lying in the history of NBA, and may not have such a player again, so Parsons is also a miracle.

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