La Liga - Wu Lei continuous 6-round replacement not debut Demmaas Ports Xi Pan 2-2 Cadis

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La Liga - Wu Lei continuous 6-round replacement not debut Demmaas Ports Xi Pan 2-2 Cadis

2022-01-19 12:06:03 33 ℃

Live Bar January 19th, Beijing time, January 19, 2021-22 Season 21, the 21st round of the Western Terrace, the Spanish away challenged. In the first half, Moranes got a lead in Spaniar; the second half of the Plus score score, then he will enter two goals, but it is invalid, but the Alejo tonic stage is a Since the time, German Thomas reads a second place, Wu Lei is replaced by this field but does not play, and finally Spanish 2-2 Cadis.

Before the game, the Spanish 20 more than 26 points, the 11th place in the Perspective of the Perspective, and 20 rounds of Cadis were temporarily ranked 2nd. In terms of lineup, Spaniards, Wusi, 11 consecutive rounds of league replacement, Dithmas, Dardell first; Cadis, Neguired.

With the whistle of the value of the Value, the game officially begins.

In the 10th minute, the Spanish organizes the offensive, Moranes received a drowning ball with Dadel, in the face of Lendesma, he chose to take the right corner of the ball, the ball should be invited, the Spanish 1-0 Cadis. ↓

In the 12th minute, Losano collided Tiego - Lopez. ↓

In the 17th minute, the Spanish backfinder mistake, Alberto Perey left door, was blocked by Serge-Gomez, then Diego - Lopez rushed again, this ball Out of the bottom line. ↓

In the 26th minute, Dardell is not topped, and the opponent is in the top of his body. ↓

In the 32nd minute, the small angle of the left side of the restricted area of ​​Negureo tried to be airy, the ball was confiscated by Diego - Lopez. ↓

In the 35th minute, Alberto-Perey's shooting is too positive, and is confiscated by Diego Lopez. ↓

In the 39th minute, the Spaniards were banned in the banquet, Losano fell, but the referee did not say that the final ball was obtained by Diego Lopez. ↓

In the 42nd minute, the frontier of the counterparty area was continuously broken, just after another pass, the ball was selected, and the ball was confiscated by the opponent. ↓

In the 444th minute, Merluno passed, Dithmas single knife slim was abstracted by Lydez Ma. At the first half, there is no injury, and the Spaniards temporarily 1-0 lead PTA.

Easy Battle, Cadiz makes a replacement adjustment, kara, and Chsst play. In the 46th minute, Falue-Gemnis blocked Demmas and heavily cited a yellow card. ↓

In the 48th minute, Nbalba clicks directly, and was confiscated by Lydez Ma. ↓

In the 49th minute, Dardell's opposite is the ball from the top of the arc, and then the foot is long, this ball is high.

In the 54th minute, Cadz, right, the Spaniards have failed to succeed in this password, and then the pillar poured in the network, and the Plus 1-1 Spanish. ↓

In the 58th minute, Espin was put on Mellen, and he had a yellow card. ↓

In the 61st minute, Saarwa left into a small angle of the penalty area, and was blocked by Diego Lopez. In the 62nd minute, Neguado's headbells were biased. ↓

In the 64th minute, Spaniards made a removal adjustment, Alex-Bundal replaced Oscar-Hill, MeiraMee changed to Baboba. In the 66th minute, the Spanish left, the Dithmas headball bomb was captured, and the beam was blocked by Lydez horse. ↓

In the 68th minute, Cadys continued to change people, Assamedia, replaced Alberto - Perey. In the 70th minute, Dardell tried to shoot long shots and fly. ↓

In the 73rd minute, Cadis continued to change people, Losano was changed by Alejo, Soluo debut, replaced Salvi. In the 74th minute, Aleo complained that the referee had a yellow card. ↓

In the 76th minute, Neguado broke the door again, but this ball is in the first, and this ball is invalid. ↓

In the 77th minute, Cadz made the final replacement adjustment, Raul-Praden, replaced Calserren. In the 79th minute, Kraft is a foul, eat a yellow card. In the 80th minute, Cadis organized offense, and the final Negureo's broken door was invalidated in the first sentence. ↓

In the 81st minute, Leedersma had a yellow card. In the 83rd minute, Spaniards changed people, Moul debuted, and replaced Mellen.

5 minutes in the second half, the 90 + 1 minute, Cadisne Bounding the ball, Allero's roll along the right road to the bottom line small angle to the far-sighted, Cadiz 2-1 Spanish. ↓

The 90 + 3 minutes, Spaniards continue to change people, David - Lopez replaces Carlairo.

The 90 + 5 minutes, Dithmas is a second place, the Spanish 2-2 Cadis. ↓

At the end of the game, the final Spanish 2-2 is flat.

Both parties competition lineup

Spaniard: 13-Diego - Carlos, 4-Kraft Relila, 5-Carlo (90 + 3 '15-David Lopez), 6-Moranes, 9-Phado , 10-Darder, 11-Dithmas, 12-Oscar-Hill (64 '22-Alex-Badal), 14-Mellen (83' 6-Moron), 23-Beibalba (64 '21-Meramide, 24-Seri-Gomez

Spanish Substitute: 2-MG Long, 7-Wusui, 8-Merida, 118-Dima, 29-Carreras, 34-Jonan Garcia, 37-Roger Martinez, 39 - Lu Ben - Sanchez

Cadis Sales: 1-Leades Ma, 22-Espino, 3-Falue-Jimines, 16-Kara (46 '32-Chister), 20-Carl Since (77' 36- Raul-Pala, 10-Alberto-Perey (68 '19-Assamia), 24-Fed, 8-Alex, 7-Salvi (73' 21- Solino, 18-Neguado, 9-Losano (73 '14-Alejo) Capsuzold: 17-Anton, 30-Basta, 27-Chapera, 13-Gil, 5-Harogany, 11-Alvo-Jameines, 29-Osmatch