Net think of trading 22 years old?The defensive pace alliance is rare, if there is no better trading,

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Net think of trading 22 years old?The defensive pace alliance is rare, if there is no better trading,

2022-01-19 12:04:50 41 ℃

The nearest basket is somewhat struggling, Durant's injury, Ou Wen's home can't be played, the team's pressure seems to be in James Haden, which also makes Harden a little in power. In the recent game, Harden received 22 points and 7 rebounds 10 assists. Owen also received a 27-point 7 rebound 9 assists, but the team still lost, which reflects the importance of Durant. sex.

At present, the Nets also seek changes and strive to be closer to the championship in this season. Recently, Brian Windhorst reported that there are several teams have talked with him, and the Nets have explored the prospects of Clarkson's trading.

This season's Clarkson has been on the game for 22.1 minutes, and 9.2 points 5.5 rebounds 1 assists areas, which is already one of the core players of the team's inside. As the buzzard of the basket network, he also assumed a lot of defensive tasks in the team and was very good. He is a player who is not available from the 1st number 1 in the league. Although there is no best defensive player level, it is enough for the basket network, especially as an internal player, his defensive footsteps It is better than the vast majority of players!

Many people will say that Clarkson is more in the field with eating cakes, which in the alliance is actually a lot. Although only the offensive end, his independent offensive ability is indeed limited, but his role in the defensive end is that the vast majority of the inner lines in the alliance cannot be done. This is his biggest transaction value!

Although the Nets has assessed his trading value, it does not represent them will pay him. After all, he is still very suitable for the current basket network. If you get one more suitable player than him, possible basket The Net team will choose the transaction, otherwise the basket team should leave this inner player who is already very adapted to play the team!