Good habits are very important, this top ten riding habits should be changed!

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Good habits are very important, this top ten riding habits should be changed!

2022-01-19 12:06:25 28 ℃

Bicycle convenient features so many people fell in love with cycling, plus cycling green, can exercise bicycle road traffic to become one of the important members.

But the frequent traffic accidents, give us a ride sounded the alarm. An ordinary ride, I hope you must avoid these bad habits.

1, do not wear protective gear rider

Cycling will inevitably encounter unforeseen circumstances, this time the supporter can play a very good protection, these things do not bring too much trouble, if you do not wear because you know that injured more trouble.

Do not spend too protective gear, so you can buy your bike from, this money is not bad, and life than up, this money is not really anything, some money is not the province. At least to wear a helmet and gloves.

Do not have chances, we must start from their own security, but also about the importance of wearing cycling helmets and other protective gear to continue long-winded down.

2, the car is inappropriate, incorrect posture

Want pleasant ride, bike must be suitable for them, riding posture must be correct, if you ride often uncomfortable, body pain there pain here, then that proves not adjusted your bike, or riding position in question a.

For example, seat height not suitable for knee is great harm, we must pay attention to these issues.

Also like to remind everyone that, do not buy a cottage car.

3, do not warm up before riding

Whether riding or other motion, we must remember to warm up in advance.

If the muscles of the body were suddenly riding in the absence of preparation, not only will affect the performance of the movement, it is more likely to cause strain and other injuries.

4, cycling Injured

There are also injured rider this is not called brave, called Mangfu! Injured, on the first recuperate, be patient, itchy feet Ren Ren also want to ride.

Cycling body injury does not affect your riding into the status and performance, and may result in injury time ②, at that time I did not cry tears

5, non-compliance with traffic rules

This fact did not say anything, as long as you hit the road, then you have to obey the traffic rules, whether you are driving, cycling or walking.

6, riding too bold

When the road like riding arena · · dangerous road to play difficult action ...... do what matter to be within our capabilities, step by step, otherwise your behavior is to court death.

7, is not enough to concentrate on cycling

Be sure to concentrate on cycling, although do "" Big World, ears "," some exaggeration, but it must be more careful. In particular, urban cycling, an inattentive one direction may suddenly rushed out an electric car, do not prevent not.

8, the weather does not ride

Not all are suitable for cycling weather, thunderstorms, wind and snow and other extreme-weather it had a good stay at home

9, would just eat strenuous exercise

Just eat immediately that intense exercise increases limb blood flow, affecting the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract can cause indigestion, and even cause stomach pain. It recommended after 1-2 hours and then rest for motion as well. Especially in patients with gastrointestinal disorders should pay more attention!

10, after riding "brakes"

Do not rest after the strenuous ride immediately! Violent games make internal body a series of physiological changes. For example, the heart beat faster, increase lung capacity, metabolism and so on.

But these changes are not as immediately stopping the movement disappear. If the motion is stopped immediately, it will reduce the circulating blood volume, prone to exercise-induced syncope.

Whether you are a professional rider or pleasure riding, or even soy sauce, good riding habits are very important.