Lavin and Different Basketball Roads in Gordon

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Lavin and Different Basketball Roads in Gordon

2022-01-19 12:07:12 56 ℃

I believe many people know that Alon Gordon and Zach - Raven are in 2016, the two-person Mars hit the super performance of the earth. Since then, the world has met the young people of these two physical talent explosions. The two were the new show in 2014. At that time, Gordon was selected by the 4th time, which was higher than the 13th place to be selected by the forest wolf.

Magic has always wanted to cultivate Gordon's body's high-time draft show, I hope he can become the facade of the team behind Howard, but unfortunately, he has waited for him for 7 seasons, and Gordon's performance has not been fired. All are all about 145. The loss of patient management finally traded him in the 20-21 season, and I started a few games in several games. People suddenly expected him to rise, thought that they can release his maximum energy around the teacher. But soon, it is sluggish. The original plan of Nuggets is to bring him with Yaki + Murray into three giants, which may be high. After Murray hurt, the team hopes that he can play the role of Murray, but he is still as always stable in the output of about 145. Techniques are still based on rough dunk, 32% of the three-pointers of the ball fail to open the space for the team, and the self-owned offensive ability is poor. Nowadays, it gradually becomes blue-collar, and people have gradually reduced their expectations.

Confused Raven in the forest wolf, because there is Tangs and Vints double-shot, he naturally does not be cultured by the team as a focus, soon by the team trading to the bull to change the harden Badler to assist the couple. Looking at Zhuge Liang in the event, the forest wolf losses, Butler's arrival will not only increase the team's power, but also disrupted the team's construction from this to the analysis. Ravin has become a giant star player. If he leaves him and the Downs inside and outside, it is estimated that the forest wolf is another situation.

To the Bull, the La Wen is only a big beam. Every year, it has grown all the stars, and now it has been selected from 25 + 4.8 + 4.2. This year leads the Bull S. East, and has become a powerful compete for the champion. Raven playing the ball and elegant ornamental, and there is no dead angle. 41.4% of the three-pointers were produced by 2.9. Step by step to the superstar, the next contract will start at least 150 million.

At the same time, the two came on the same time, and the last year was different, the most regrettable is Gordon. He is only 26 years old, he hopes to grow up with the early discipline!