Calabria: The referee knows that we can end the game earlier.

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Calabria: The referee knows that we can end the game earlier.

2022-01-19 18:03:47 52 ℃

Live Bar January 18th, Kalabria has accepted the interview of Milan TV today. In addition to analyzing 1-2 Virgin's competition, he also talked about the misunderstanding of the Brages Serra. This game, Kalabria debut in the 69th minute.

"This is a game we can end very early, but no matter how we almost win the game. The last accident is difficult to comment, the referee is also aware of his mistake, he may be the most unhappy person He also did not expect this situation, we were shocked, then the opponent scored the second goal, we could avoid it. "

"This is a lesson, you can end the game as soon as possible, today we have many opportunities. Next we have two wars, although there are some players absent, but we will fight in the best way. We are in the spirit these days On the body, we have to restore it, we have time to analyze this game and prepare for the competition of Juventus. "

Kalabria once again talked about Sera's misjudgment: "People will make mistakes, I am not blaming anyone. Our players will make mistakes, the referee will make mistakes, he knows that he is doing wrong, unfortunately it happened. Regret, because we have the original goal, the game will end, we should win. We should end the game as soon as possible, we will analyze mistakes. This game is over, we have to turn it. "

Kalabria has been infected with new crown. He said: "I can train at home. I regret that I have never been infected. I have never been infected. I am relieved and insist on training, I have already vaccinated the third needle Vaccine, so I have no complications. I have always kept the body, now I hope to find the brilliance on the court as soon as possible. "