No, 20.7 million US dollars, really cold!The original two brothers are not as good as Paulhuaw

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No, 20.7 million US dollars, really cold!The original two brothers are not as good as Paulhuaw

2022-01-20 00:06:10 49 ℃

After the season, the basket record is 27 wins and 16 losses, not bad, ranking third, but they are very embarrassed, Durant is absent from injury, and Owen is also a part-time player, can only play away, although in Duran The special injuries have fallen in the days, and the Nets will be a lot, but after all, Owen is just a final point role, and it is white. When Durant falls, the basket will put a bigger pressure in Harden. Recently, there is a game with the knight, Harden has been fighting for 40 minutes. The thigh is still hurt, but the pain on the body is definitely not in the wounds on the soul. After the Owen, I've been inexplicable. "I won't because I don't The team injury will change the position, choose the vaccination, I will not bring the science to the basketball game. "Listen, this is like a normal population from a thinking? When a named Shine exposed the interior of the Alliance, I found that the fans found that Haden was a bit praised this report, and then canceled, but can still be retained by netizens.

First of all, Haden means what is it? I will give an example, before the Netburway to open the Tro, Durant Owen belts, the basketball players are lacking Lilad + Mikeham + Powell three big points, the pioneers can't find the north, let Simmons, Little can score, no rhythm! It is true that Haden this season has a certain state of uphest, from the first paragraph of the season, I don't dare to break through, and slowly adapt to the new penalty scale. After Christmas, I rushed to Rosena Shuangxiong, Haden Recovery To the best state. But when Durant returned again, Harden was still unable to balance his own attack and tandem team. This is normal, in the Rockets 8 years, what is what you say, in the basket, there are two super superstars, Harden as the only organizer, naturally consider more, even, he sacrifices, is We can't see from the game.

Counseling period, Harden did not choose to renew in advance, in my opinion, two reasons, one, this summer, renewed, the highest can get 5 years of $ 270 million, Harden will become NBA history Mr. 6 million US dollars. Second, Harden will also consider our future, this basket is really able to make yourself like the championship trophy? In fact, under normal circumstances, the Net won the championship, Harden top, this is the most perfect ending, but things are not so smooth. In the words of Max Tatai, the union executives are generally believed that 76 people are willing to pass a series of complex operations in this summer, let Harden came to Philadelphia and sent Simmons to the Net. In addition, the most important thing is that Harden refuses to renew the invitation in advance, which makes it increasingly big and bigger about him willing. After Durant injured, when the Net was lost again, Harden gave a message that he was willing to change the team, more like expressing an attitude: 270 million don't, this time I really feel cold.

The Net is really unable to meet Harden? To start from Durant. Durant last season, played 35 games, the most critical 2-April, Durant for a long time, although Haden kills the eastern part, but the Nets missed the three giants. When I arrived in the playoff, Durant really said it. Nash is he recruited, Durant wants to fight how long, who can manage the ball Durant? But Durant's body is absolutely not allowed to be such a high-intensity competition. Although the attendance rate is much higher than last year, the game has been broken through 36 minutes, which is lower than the new show season, who can manage him? Nash before the Warriover is just a consultant. He didn't even have a teaching assistant. How did he dare to pull himself into the Net coach position? There is also an Owen, Owen's things are simple. Everyone knows that it is right in the East. Ou Wen is going to west. He thinks that the earth is flat. He thinks that vaccination is pseudo-science, and the summer fella is not in line!

Speaking of the end, it is not only a old yellow cattle in Harden! Haden this season has been played in 36.9 minutes. It has been high for nearly 7 years, and it can be sure that when Durant falls, his appearance is not less than 38 minutes! Last season, Harden is fatigue, leading to secondary legs, this year, it is very likely that the sound is still still. For the pave, Owen only played away, Durant hit stopped, Haden had to be injured, and missed a season, I would like to fight crown? That is kidding! In contrast, the current situation in the basket network is not as good as herself in the rocket! Whether it is the initial partner Howard, or later partner Paul, Harden has a stable super partner, and Harden has said it. Taking 18 years as an example, if Paul is not hurt, it will win the rocket, but now there is that condition now? After the season, Nash did not even have a complete rotation system, 13 people tried it, the last old group, the next young group, the key is that the three giants have only Haden, what is the force?