US sent 46 officials to participate in Winter Olympics, only part of the visa, the reason Zhao Lijian has already given

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US sent 46 officials to participate in Winter Olympics, only part of the visa, the reason Zhao Lijian has already given

2022-01-20 00:06:32 53 ℃

China has not yet recruited, the United States has already disappeared, and the Biden Diplomatic team has a vision in Beijing Winter Olympics. On the other hand, I won't send officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the other side quietly submitted the visa application for 46 officials, and implemented a set of active style. After confirming my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China has issued a corresponding visa to some US officials filed.

In this point, the US will apply for a visa application in the United States, we have not batch, just approved a part. It is reported that there are many people from the United States, and there are many from the US State Council, and the Chinese should be approved for the identity of these people. After all, in the past, my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in the first, and China will approval according to international practice, relevant regulations and peer principles.

Biden expressed its extremely split on whether to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, it can actually represent the status quo in the United States. US threatens will not send officials to attend the Winter Olympics, this is expected. If Bid does not do this, it will definitely be attacked by the National Security Policy. Therefore, in order to cage people, let their own infrastructure bills can pass through the Congress, will inevitably use anti-Hua as a chip in exchange support.

Bynden did not send officials to attend, although it was pleased to reach China's anti-Chinese politicians, but it faces the pressure of other people in China, especially athlete groups. The political purpose of these unscrupulous politicians in the United States is reached, but it is really a sacrifice or athlete.

Imagine that other national athletes have official representatives, the United States is extremely alternative. If it affects the athlete's competitive state, if the results are too ugly, I am afraid that Biden cannot give a reasonable explanation of the domestic people. So the United States pretended to be very strong, while secretly touching the official official to participate in the Winter Olympics. The United States is so hypocrisy, and this also allows the US three times to move the stone to his own feet.

From the current situation, the United States made a demon at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, not only let your own situation, but also let the face of the US ally. In addition to the few countries such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, the United States did not pull enough allies in this political jun. This is very strong for the hour of global appeal and influence. The United States has always been self-discipline for the "Democratic World", this time, "Human Rights Flag" vibration arms, but not only there are not only a few countries responded, but it has also been opposed by many countries and international organizations. The United States wants to isolate China, and the result is a happiness, it is the one Isolated.

Nowadays, the international community is generally supported by Beijing Winter Olympics, and the United States is very embarrassed. Moreover, there are countries that are not in the country, and they are the United States and other countries, saying that they are the vassal of the United States and do not have real diplomatic independence. These countries that follow the United States, not only did not get the benefits, but also the country's dignity has not been lost, but it can be said that the lady has been defenders.

But even so, the United States and other countries still have not given up to my country's Winter Olympics. Recently, the United States and Macao began to make black China, which did not take the ground to Warner, do not carry mobile phones, because China has a so-called "network security" problem. US Australia is "human rights card" is not successful, starting "network security card".

But in these two questions, the United States and Macao are typical thieves and thieves. However, the United States and other countries also remind us that we must protect the officials sent by the White House. They come to China to have any "special tasks". Westerners give us dirty water, in fact, they are all shameless acts that they have done. Their shameless evidence we can take out a lot, but the United States has poor evidence from the beginning to our never.

The opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics has entered the last countdown, and the MGA and other countries have made another multi-murmour and cannot affect the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will become a wonderful global sports event.