5 games, 18 mistakes!No player, no rebound, no defense!Shandong signed him to pension

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5 games, 18 mistakes!No player, no rebound, no defense!Shandong signed him to pension

2022-01-20 00:06:34 47 ℃

Shandong University Guillenwater, another fatigue.

The reason why it is all, the reason is that this person is a small chartered stage, too much.

On December 28, Sichuan, 12 shots in the audience, only 4 points 4 rebounds;

On December 30th, he called Qingdao, and 7 shots in the audience, only 8 points and 3 rebounds;

On January 9th, Sichuan, 13 shots in the audience, data is 13 points and 8 rebounds.

And yesterday, Zhejiang, 6 in the audience, only 10 points, and there were 5 mistakes and 3 fouls.

CBA League, in terms of controlling mistakes, Guillenwater is the lowest one.

This season is a 10 game for Shandong, and he only debuts for 18.8 minutes, and it will generate 2.4 mistakes.

In the last five games, Gullenwater has emerged 18 mistakes, with an average of 3.6 times.

Why did Shandong lose to Zhejiang yesterday?

Because Glenwater is in the second half, it is almost "crime".

Getting the ball is a mistake, or the head iron is ignorant teammates, trying to challenge the opponent's team.

However, Xu Changlian guidance can change his Hudson early, and Shandong will not drink hate.

In the last season, Guangdong was played in Guangdong. Gullenwater has proven that he is not a qualified foreign aid.

The four games were 11.5 points, and the shooting rate was as low as 34.6%.

Although the physical quality is good, it does not have a technique that can be called master.

As the big, there is no fireframe capacity, and the rebound to the hand is not willing to stretch, it is simply like a pension.

The offensive endors are low, and it is easy to be in the eyes of the nose.

One thing that needs to be recognized is that NBL does have a lot of talents in the CBA League.

However, the overall level, especially the technical scope level and player discipline, mature, and a long way to go.

Glenwater is in the current situation of the Shandong team, reminds me of a word: do not work.

I don't talk about the attack, and his physical and exercise ability is in that, and it will always protect it.

But the fact is, can't.

Can't do it, not Glenwater has not been able to do, but he is not willing to do, attitude has obvious problems.

The big appearance is really active.

The current record of Shandong, the 10th place in the league, in the edge area.

If they want to have a half-district in the future, they can consider exchange of foreign aid ...