Teammates are working hard, you are playing the play!Don't torture the old threshold, the Lakers will give up you.

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Teammates are working hard, you are playing the play!Don't torture the old threshold, the Lakers will give up you.

2022-01-20 06:03:26 45 ℃

The Lakers are not good this season, and the season is over half, 22 wins 22 losses, no one will be satisfied. As the transaction deadline is approaching, more and more rumors have emerged, including discussions about Wei Shao trading, there is a little bit of the Tuck trading, and the Lakers strive to find it, they must not be a fool, who wants to help The Lakers will receive a big burden? Defeat the battle, temporarily letting the Lakers, the coach Woger has some time to breathe fresh air, and at the same time, Davis updates their own social platform in the early hours of the morning, take the photo of the home game, and propaganda A Lakers limited edition beer. Text: "Lakers fans come to see this beer, limited edition!"

When is Davis to come back? According to the column reporter McMmetamine, Davis will come back from the sixth day of this month. Lakers this wave of six guests are very bad, magic, hot, basket net, 76 people, wasp, eagle, middle four teams, are the top seven in the east, and the main record is awkward, except for the Net. The lake is slightly wrong, it may be a wave of losing. According to Walgel's statement, in the recent review process, Davis's physical state is good, according to the team medical team assessment, it can be allowed to increase training, including some confrontational training, strength exercises, etc., but the Lakers also There is no clear copy schedule. Of course, there are many games, Davis is with the team, and it is also improving the teammates. Here you have to talk to Davis, can he be the rely on this team?

During the tour, when the Lakers made many new aids, Davis was the only player without any action, which has caused a lot of fans, and Davis is lazy? This time, Davis updated the photo of the game in the early hours of the morning, from the behavior Things, but there are a few points worth thinking: Lakers now record now, Davis released photos of their games, how do you think? We work hard on the court, you are playing the play! The Lakers have this record, Davis is still with advertising, really don't take the team? Since Davis wounded after the battle, from Walle to Wei Shao, from Wei Shao to Lao Zhan, I was awkward, and it was because of a series of problems caused by poor record, I always have someone to stand out. responsibility. Therefore, the status declines to make a cooker, and the old people who have been 37 years old will have a cooker because they don't defend.

Not suitable, it is really not suitable. If Wei Shao and Lao Zhan are increased by age, the body status is slowly declining, it can be understood. But Davis is still less than 29 years old, who is in his own career peak, but since he followed the old championship in 19 years, what did he do in the last 1 year? At the beginning of the season, come back to fat, and were criticized by the completion of the company, and the immediate injury and long lack. The thick eyebrows themselves are easy to hurt. He really wants to maintain competitiveness. In the year of the Lakers, Lao Zhan once said that he has given a full set of plans to Davis, including the dietary plan, which also reflects that the old Jane is hard, it is not hope that the eyebrows can be healthy and healthy. Big flag, led the team to go?

But it is too easy to hurt, and the eyebrows are too decadent. Perhaps playing the five-year-old, is not a decision that can be easily accepted, but it can be sure that the Lakers really want to hold the championship trophy. The playoffs must stand in the five-bit position, go to the front to anti-Eatton , Gobel, Adeba, these stars, can you count on Howard, no tactical status? Can I expect James to do this for you? Woel may have eager to seek success, but the eyebrows must pass the psychological level, followed, he wants to increase the training amount and go to the body. But now? He is still tanning to play the game, or the morning is sun, I am afraid that others don't know, he seems to have no concern for the team. Of course, standing on the perspective of the eyebrows, the champion has, the big contract is also taken, getting married, life is also full, how do you want me?

Maybe the Lakers have already given up you! "NBA Analysis" lists a set of 7-to-1 scenario, thinking that the Lakers can choose to transaction, such as transactions and rockets, get three first rounds + Wood + Gordon + Tit + Tit, increase lineup depth, and return Come on the future. Including "FW" also suggests that the Lake management, uses Wei Shao and the eyebrows to change Downs + Prince and Russell, Lao Zhan with another pair of partnership Impact Championships. I want to say, no matter which trading plan, in fact, for the current Lakers, it is unlikely, because the Lakers don't dare to move. And the eyebrows are like singing in the lyrics, and they are not in the hairdressing, and there is always no fear. With his current attitude, the Lakers are still far from the championship.