Bi De Bella is more outrageous!Barceloni Red Star refused the team, has become an edge, let the coach disappointed

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Bi De Bella is more outrageous!Barceloni Red Star refused the team, has become an edge, let the coach disappointed

2022-01-20 06:03:14 39 ℃

Subject to renewal of salary, and refused the winter turn to leave Dengbelei, undoubtedly let Barcelona have a headache, this Yili Mr. has also suffered from fans and media. Most of the point of view believe that the price of 200 million euros in Debeira is simply too far away. But then, from the player's angle, such behavior can actually understand. After all, the interests of the best in front of you are the most realistic.

Therefore, from the perspective of the team, fans, Debei Lee is free to go home, but there is no problem with the player's personal concern. In contrast, a new star in the Barcelona refused to leave the team, but it was much more score, because his choice, no matter the team or yourself, it will be a harm. This new star is the once Laramasia. Red people Phuket. He has been 22 years old, this season has been in the two stations of the Champions League and League this season, only 310 minutes of total, these time, not only have a bright eye performance, but more frequently from the teammate ball".

Because of this, after Keiman did not want to reuse this Barceloni red star, the current coach Harvey also disappointed him. According to the "Daily Sports", since Phuket performance did not meet Harvey expect, it will once again face problems. In order to show the players, as well as the current lineup configuration, go to other team levels will undoubtedly be a win-win choice. To know that there are talents, there is a good Phuket, which is the most lack of appearance, can have Pedri, Jiawei, Niko, this large-scale new star, Parcelona, ​​the least midfield Player. So renting out the leveling, good for the team and players, and Phuket does not lack the home, AC Milan, Heafei and other teams are intentionally.

However, this Barcelona has seem to have a very lack of attention, because according to the "Daily Sports" revealed that Phuket has never changed the idea, he wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​he thinks he can do a big event in Nou Camp. And Harvey's trajectory became his reference, because in the early days of the Harvey player, it was difficult to stand in a team, but later this Barcelona was a legend. However, the truth is that no longer goes out, Phuket is going to be alive. Therefore, with Dengbelei is just a harm team, but at least to ensure that Phuket refused to transfer the choice of retirement, because of the current view, it also occupies the team's quota and salary, affecting its own development.