Garbage time reaches three pairs to be replaced, the spoiled "Super Forement" began to roll out CBA?

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Garbage time reaches three pairs to be replaced, the spoiled "Super Forement" began to roll out CBA?

2022-01-20 12:04:36 54 ℃

Jones got the last three games, all three pairs.

CBA arena this season, facing the weakest Nanjing Tong Xi, Jilin in the afternoon of 19 men's basketball, not surprisingly, to 112 than 81 easy win, opponents suffered a 21-game losing streak. Perhaps considering that the game is really no surprise, Dominic Jones, "Super foreign aid" on Jilin basketball and even the CBA, he just gave the game to create two points: Jones feel, is the ball team spoiled Jones.

Although the game is no suspense, despite the Nanjing Tong Xi's defense is like a joke - during a 21-game losing streak this wave, Nanjing Tong Xi net negative opponents averaged 21 points - but Dominique Jones still can feel nothing . Match, Jones only 4 of 17 shots, but also beyond the arc 11 is exaggerated in only one vote. Although the game Jones contributed 12 points and 13 rebounds and 13 assists in three pairs of Jilin basketball, but such a tragic feel It is incredible compliment.

After the game into the second section, Nanjing Tong Xi was very hard to approach the points difference to three points, but with a little effort a bit of Jilin basketball, winning suspense of the game in fact, at the end of the first half We have completely lost - as to how to evaluate the performance of Nanjing Tong Xi, was apparently unrelated to this article.

Since early in the game lost its suspense, then the men's basketball Jilin apparently should give their main players more time to rest fishes, after all, under the Jilin basketball game opponent will be powerful Zhejiang Guangsha. But the second surprise in this game about Jones also appeared.

At the end of the third quarter, despite Jilin men's basketball team has 81 to 59, occupies a comprehensive initiative, but before two games to win three pairs of Jones, feel bad shot 3 of 13 (8 three-pointers, going 0) , scored only 3 1 7 penalty points outside, only six rebounds and 9 assists fetched. Therefore, the fourth quarter, Jones remain in the field, continuing to attack the three pairs. When 4 minutes 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, with 10 three-pointers before going 0 Jones finally hit a three-pointer, and finally reach three pairs, Wang Han was rushed to Jones dug-out, the game was officially enter the "garbage time" .

Jones this season has twice lost to Beijing men's basketball team.

If the game is not the face of men's basketball Jilin Nanjing Tongxi this entire CBA league's weakest teams, so obsessed with scoring and three pairs of Jones, will lead the team final defeat? It is regrettable that, in this season, Jones has participated in 11 games, in fact, Jilin Basketball Jones has repeatedly because of willful and lose the game.

Basketball in Jilin Guangdong basketball game lost 95 to 99, the match will Jones administered only 4 of 15 (third of 4 1); Basketball 99 to 107 in Jilin Tianjin team lost the game, Jilin is the first time this season, men's basketball debut Jones 26 from 10 (9 three-pointers to vote 1) ...... feel bad almost become a major feature of Jones this season, ended the game win over Nanjing Tong Xi this field, this Jones season total of 227 voted in 89, Trey is 79 cast 18, shooting percentage and three-point shooting rate is the lowest since Jones joined the CBA league.

Jones bad this season and just feel.

In addition to shooting, in addition to a data Jones this season is also amazing. As the game, the season Jones Jilin Basketball 11 games played, plus or minus 3 games only a positive value, but also embarrassing, Fujian beat than 99 Basketball Basketball 104 Jilin game, the negative value of -2 Jones ,; than 103 106 Jilin Basketball basketball game win Shenzhen, Jones -5 negative value.

As a super foreign aid, Jilin Jones for men's basketball is indeed very important, but so far this season only brought Jilin men's basketball record of 5 wins and 6 losses Jones, what still be considered a super foreign aid, Jilin is there to lead men Basket constantly attitude before the line, may really become a big problem - before losing to Beijing men's basketball and men's basketball Jilin, Guangdong men's basketball game, Wang Han was once reluctantly replaced the poor state of Jones.

Jones in the CBA, how many opportunities?

This probably is the reason why Jones was only replaced until reaching three pairs and the most frustrating place. Jilin Wang Han and men's basketball, the need for the release of their goodwill and Jones "love" in some no pressure of competition, they also want to be able to feel and Jones "reciprocate." Unfortunately, a look at the status quo never agreed goals between Jones and Jilin basketball, this goodwill may not change with the Jones team, "Strange Bedfellows" - the Jones needs is a championship team can impact while Jilin basketball is subject to various objective reasons can only strive for nothing.

As a super foreign aid in the CBA stage, Dominique Jones did have reason to seek better results, brush better data, or even the lack of reason is over-favorite team. However, if Jones all this for granted, not even respect the team and the team's goal, this "super foreign aid," perhaps really should get out of the CBA league - because one thing is for sure, I am afraid that teams really do not on the so headstrong, and even cajole need foreign aid.