A face!After the Adssen, I can't engage in interviews, and I have a new season.

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A face!After the Adssen, I can't engage in interviews, and I have a new season.

2022-01-20 12:03:24 42 ℃

Today, Nets 1 Suspension Siki Talent Competition is ups and downs, and the first half of the net is 12 points. The end of the third section is 11 points. At the end of the wind, the wind is rumored, and the gang shrinks the gap to 1 point. At the end, when Harden was covered, the Wizard had the opportunity to get killing, but unfortunately the Kuzma and the front basketball player Dingwei Di did not hit, so the basket is surprised to win the victory. This sectable European article 30 points and 3 plates 7 helps, and Ade 27 points and Mills are also stable. Although Harden is taken 18 points 8 plates 9 helps the provision of three pairs, but up to 8 mistakes. The Bill end of the Bill, still has no reversal.

The game Ade's play is very eye-catching. In the first half, the first half of the 8th, the audience 15 11, and the 27-point 6-board 3 help 2 caps, of which 27 is also the highest season of Ade's season, he The field was 24 minutes.

When I was interviewed after the game, Adzo was a super cute, and he could not understand the interview machine, a face, so the connection interview was also affected. It is worth mentioning that when the season, Adid took 20+, the basket network was 6 wins and 1 loss, which is called a custom sea.

Owen is cut 30 points, which is the highest score of his single game this season. He won 27 points, it can be seen that the status of Owen is very good.

After Nashi, the words of praises will also be given to Owen. He said: Owen's performance is excellent, since he returned two weeks ago, you can coach him when you play the guest.

In this way, the Net has won such a thrilling victory, it is very difficult. The state and performance after the coming out of Owen, and he can only play the most hidden danger of the guest game. After all, Durant is long-term injury, and Harden's performance is indefinite. So next to the test of Nash and Nash is still very large.