What is Sun Yang to play?The live broadcast sells tax-duty-free products and renamed the taxated tax: false propaganda?

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What is Sun Yang to play?The live broadcast sells tax-duty-free products and renamed the taxated tax: false propaganda?

2022-01-20 18:02:12 33 ℃

Recently, Sun Yang still four months suspension period, because live three and a half hours with a cargo of 12 million yuan, once again triggered a heated debate - but it was criticized alleged violations of law operation!

Well, time and time again why Sun Yang will always play smashed it?

Originally, Sun Yang claimed that the sale is in the live in Hainan Islands tax-free goods, but there is one called "big pineapple VXX" netizens alleged: violation of its non-compliance information to assist buyers to fill Islands tickets, etc., which is suspected of illegally selling duty-free goods and so on.

The friends also said: After being criticized media, social media, Sun Yang aspects related sales video has been deleted, was also to live to proceed with a cargo, also temporarily closed a.

After that, the users also known as: "Update on 'information provided Islands' issue, face-site Customs Bureau staff inquiries, Sun Yang aspects of interpretation: the sale of duty-paid goods are not duty-free goods."

"Being live content misleading promises rectification. Therefore, the so-called tax-free city with a cargo of live, in fact, is the name of 'tax-free' banner 'trickery'. For this reason, the relevant video and Showroom has been emptied."

Sun Yang has been a criticism of the main media correspondents He Xiaolong, also commented saying: "To live when selling duty-free goods, customs officers said to sell the duty-paid products, that is to say, even if Sun Yang is not illegal, he deceive consumers. "


In the end it is to live with a cargo of suspected illegal Islands duty-free goods? It is possible false propaganda sale? - From the users see the message: Sun Yang aspect is clearly "two evils choose its light": now admits is a wrong propaganda. But this, surely it is "deceived consumers" is still illegal violations.

Without words before Sun Yang was suspended after just words, "Sun Yang case" appears suspended, he faced three "play smashing things":

First, they were reported to the foreign media, said Sun Yang violations to public funding pool training, are being investigated relevant international organizations.

Second, Sun Yang was named Man of the Year a platform, but because of the suspension period, subject to a lot of criticism, Sun Yang has got the award and self-promotion is clearly very embarrassed: because, awards party has relevant information removed.

The third is a high-profile announcement to enter the circle being broken booming industry with a cargo full of live, but for the first time live on the whole with the goods when something happens - if ultimately proved, the alleged illegal sale of duty-free goods, or suspected of false propaganda, it is clear that thing was playing for the first time, to play again smashed.

Then think of the past, Sun Yang, like become enemies and mentor; driving without a license; controversy between his girlfriend; generated controversy when training with the Brazilian female athletes; endorsement brand "fight the storm," and so on ...... Indeed, Sun Yang and career life on the road, playing smash things, really is a lot.

If the investigation of his reasons, one, that there is a certain relationship with our athletes training system. Sun Yang, who grew up in the system Daquan training, but not very systematic in learning knowledge, quality education. And with its continued success, emotional intelligence is not too much more to the fore, smashed play again and again, and so enhance the overall quality is not high is obviously a great relationship.

The second is in the home environment under the Sun Yang, he was criticized for "giant baby", perhaps there is some truth, revealed that from the relevant news media, the more or less can get some confirmed.

Third, under huge success, so the winner of Sun Yang, if you get better overall education and standardized management, is also an important issue needs.

Sun Yang reason why people come to the point of sampling refused to take away samples, thus creating the largest four-year career loss in three months ban, lack of effective management and control also has a relationship with him.

A runaway horse, I do not know too arrogant and look down below the road, so there stumbled, hit play such thing as continue to occur, will be inevitable. [Original comment: Yu said in a hesitant]