Open the door!Liu Shiwen 3-1 Wang Yidi advanced to the eight strong, strong recurring, impact 2022 first crown

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Open the door!Liu Shiwen 3-1 Wang Yidi advanced to the eight strong, strong recurring, impact 2022 first crown

2022-01-20 18:02:23 31 ℃

January 20, WTT Macau championship women's singles 1/8 finals, Liu Shiwen Wang Yi Di eliminated 3-1 to advance to the quarterfinals. Liu Shiwen after only six months to return to the international arena, after a lapse of 717 days the international arena battles singles match, ushered in the opener back then, congratulations.

The first game, Liu Shiwen show a very good state, she scored three points, after Wang Yi Di hemostasis and can not stop the Liu Shiwen, jujube 6-1 perfect start. Wang Yi Di actively adjust, even after 3 minutes, the gap to 4-6 behind. Followed by Liu Wenli Wang Yi Di mistakes in a row, the first to get the game point. After wasted a game point, Liu Shiwen look back doing well, along with Wang Yi Di mistakes, Liu Shiwen won the first game 11-6.

The second game, playing swing speed when Wang Yi Di although very strong, but this is as good a place Liu Shiwen, she succeeded to score. Wang Yi Di soon changes her lead to 5-1 strong. The Bureau Wang Yi Di 10-4 lead, get six game point, but then Wang Yi Di's mentality has changed, Liu Shiwen continuous recovery points, Wang Yi Di was forced to suspend the case 10-8. After the pause, Wang Yi Di eating tee, and she smiled. Followed by Liu Shiwen forehand straight line, tie it at 10-10 level. With Di Wang Yi scored 2 points, she won 12-10 this Bureau, the total score to 1-1.

The third, multi-shot rally Wang Yi Di prevail, the score between the two men have been biting very tight, Liu Shiwen forehand force, to tie it at 7-7 level. LiuShiWen placement well controlled, even if the opponent's net ball, LiuShiWen secondary braking response quickly, ahead score 9-7. Then forehand strong dialogue, Liu Shiwen and then get 1 point, to get game point 10-7. Wang Di Yi scored 2 points, Liu Shiwen beat stop, followed by Wang Yi Di chasing the 10 level. With Wang Yi Di mistakes, Liu Shiwen get the chance. 13-11 to win this bureau, Liu Shiwen 2-1 score go-ahead again.

Fourth inning, two successive draw, 2-3 behind the case, Liu Wen Jia strong his first three plate, she scored four points to lead 6-3, many of whom are immortal ball, even the Di Wang Yi also smile. Wang Yi Di withstood the pressure wave flow 10-7 overtake, Liu Shiwen mentality has changed, her serve is also not precise enough. Liu Shiwen to save three set points to tie it 10-10 level. Liu Shiwen won 14-12 this Bureau, the total score 3-1 eliminated Wang Yi Di, and advanced to the women's singles quarterfinals.

Liu Shiwen rarely appeared in last year's National Games after winning the women's singles bronze medal, after the World Championships and Table Tennis Super League, Liu Shiwen did not attend, plagued by injuries and age for Liu Shiwen is great. Including World Championships, Liu Shiwen took the initiative to withdraw, giving more opportunities to young players.

This came to Macau, long truce Liu Shiwen ready to show out of the game and Manner toughness can be seen, Liu Shiwen as a veteran, she is still the top. The game Di and Wang Yi, a lot of people look bad prospects Liu Shiwen, but it is clear that there is also oil tank jujube, the success of victory, advance to the women's singles quarterfinals, shock comeback after his first crown.