This is not less than get out of class?Woger absolutely first pot!Directly funeral, James also helpless

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This is not less than get out of class?Woger absolutely first pot!Directly funeral, James also helpless

2022-01-20 18:02:35 49 ℃

If you only look at the performance of the first half, many fans think that the Lakers don't have ten in this game. However, the result is not everyone expected, the Lakers in the fourth quarter are directly taken away by the opponent a wave, and the pedestrians in the final grounds will overcome the Lakers in 111-104. The recent walkers recently finally found it. Confident. The Lakers also expose the problems that have been exposed in this game.

The fourth quarter is 11 points, the middle section is also hit by a wave of 10-0 attack waves, which is the turning point, the Lakers gave the advantage to the opponent. The final analysis is that the problem of defensive ends can't solve it. Sabinis under the basket is desired, the inner line is almost complete, and the rebound is only available. At this time, Woger is still in my life, I don't want to put it on Howard. The so-called death is not to let the opponent die, but let yourself die. Benefiting from the inner line of Sabinis, the outside Levier is directly opened, and the single-section 22 points take the competition, and the Lao Zhan is also very helpless.

In fact, when Howard is present, the lake's internal defense has a flawless protection of rebound, but Woger is obviously not trusted enough to Huo Master, and is extraordinary for five small persons. There were also media reports, and the Lakers re-assess the trading value of Howard, Xiaordan and Bezmore. The other two are well said, the conscientious cost industry has only one basic salary contract, which is not to the Lakers' coaching group and management Pay attention to the attitude and performance of the field. It seems that Woger wants five small roads to go to black, as long as the eyebrows are not there, James will take more time to serve the team center. The defensive height is more than 5 cm, which is more than 5 cm, especially the final moment, and it is impossible for the stress of Lao Zhan, but it is really helpless. Woger seems to break the arrangement.

Seeing Walgel's innocent, many fans shouted directly: This is not less than get out of class? In the face of the walker announced the rebuilding, the Lakers are still difficult to see, the next is the magic of the union bottom, which is likely to be a five-five open situation. If the Lakers want to change, they must be made to start, or the coach will restructuring, but it seems that the deadline of the trading deadline should be smooth. For this Lakers, only blessings!