"Xuan Ming two old!" The player of the old horse stabily gave two words: stability!Ade stabilizes, Mills fixed-point three points

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"Xuan Ming two old!" The player of the old horse stabily gave two words: stability!Ade stabilizes, Mills fixed-point three points

2022-01-21 00:02:40 51 ℃

119-118, Nash hailed the heart finally can be placed, and then the Net is successful. This is not enough, but if you play a time, this game Net also Convenient! Winning the Qi Ti Owen is a shackled 30 points and 3 rebounds 7 assists, or as always, (Question out: Nets can not sneak in the night to hold the vaccine?) But did not have Durant Harden Durant, crazy fight for 39 minutes. The hit rate is very worries 21, 7, 18 points, 8 rebounds 9 assists 8 mistakes, don't quilly fight the difference, the naked eye can see that Harden is a bit can't live, the consumption of physical strength makes Harden look very unsure. .

The basket can win, who is it? Relying on the old spurs, "Xuan Ming two old", the starting rice god crazy 37 minutes, 10 voters 6 Central cutting 27 points 6 rebounds 3 assists 2 caps. Who is the Savior of the Net? That is Aldridge, let's take a three-point moment, don't mention what the flowers in the flowers, can solve the competition is the key to China, Ade is a dead time, it is really every minute. Help, life sang the pressure of the turned over.

And the current Nash is really less than Aldrice and Mills, this Nash is the standard 8 people rotation, and it is a day of death, especially as the two "foreign households" Ade and Mi god! When I was in the Spurs, Mills did not encounter a 30-minute walk in the venue. Most of them were 25 minutes. Now they are now basically in the first 35 minutes, and the replacement is 30 minutes. In addition, Durant has recently injured, and the mains of the Net network have to be full.

And now, the basket is still very uncertain. Owen is a certain attitude, and it is certain that the vaccine is also affirmative. If the fire is no problem, it is impossible to appear on the court every game! Durant will not come back, and Harden looks really tired, especially at the offensive end, you want Harden to play a hearty game. Harden has to play. Otherwise, it's just that the outside line will throw, Harden is also difficult to throw each 30 points. The Nets can not rely on the point. This point can only be hoped to be two major Aldridge and Mills!

It is very good to make people feel well in the season, but it is not enough to fight people, and Nash's employers and De Anti are the same, the main is playing! Durant is already unable to stand, how long to say, how long it will be said, but in the current situation, there is still another road left. That is to cut off the head of Nash, then sign Nash in the identity of the player, it's right, let the main coach hot body, the basket is really no one can use.