C Ro is coming, and the change of Georga wife is C-Luo 3 baby, and the fan is spit: like aunt!

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C Ro is coming, and the change of Georga wife is C-Luo 3 baby, and the fan is spit: like aunt!

2022-01-21 00:03:09 44 ℃

FIFA held its 2021 awards ceremony recently, as one of the best players in world football, C Ronaldo this is rewarding. He won this year's addition of the FIFA "soccer special award" in recognition of two incredible record he completed last year. C Luo also at the scene, from FIFA president Infante Tarantino, who took the trophy. In his acceptance speech, C Luo thanked his teammates, family, children, and when referring to Georgina, also called from his "girlfriend" into a "wife", speculation, C Lo is likely to be a good thing nearly, will be officially married with Georgina in the near future!

C Luo and Georgina met in 2016, shortly after the two have formally established a romantic relationship, we knew it, the two have come together for six years time. In mid-2017, C Ronaldo in an interview admitted that his girlfriend Georgina already pregnant. The end of the year 11, Georgina University Hospital in Keelung C Lo gave birth to a daughter, the children take Mingalanuo - Mar Tina. By the end of 2021, but also for Georgina C Lo pregnant with a pair of twins, Portugal's number one child will increase to six in the near future, including three girls three boys, we can already make up a Five-man football team .

It was also in 2017, the media broke the news Georgina and C Lo is about to get married, Georgina attention to a number of wedding brand accounts on social media, the move is also being viewed as the C Lo and she has marriage plans. However the message passed back and suddenly nothing happened, Georgina is still based on "girlfriend" status, accompanied by C-side.

The reasons for the delay in the two married, and shortly after the Spanish media gives the answer. "Marca" broke the news had earlier, C Lo's mother had not wanted him to marry and Georgina, she thought, Georgina and C Lo together is to make money, and if their son married Georgina will be able to open and aboveboard C Lo annexation of the property. But late last year, C Luo's mother, it was an attitude hundred and eighty degree reversal, this time she said in an interview with Georgina is a good girl, has been quietly support him behind the C Lo. Today, the future mother is no longer blocked, and finally there is no obstacle between C Ronaldo and Georgina, marriage is naturally a matter of course.

But C Lo fans for Georgina is very critical, because from her latest exposure photos, Georgina has clearly aging, 27-year-old looked like even 37 years old. Plus after she became pregnant out of shape, he has been completely not the original "goddess" style, look just like a middle-aged "Ma'am." So there are a lot of fans that never meant for Georgina C Lo!

In order to close and his wife, Georgina also constantly upgrade themselves, her efforts to fitness, attending various social events business, has himself become a big net red packaging. And the value of Joe Yan sister also said not everyone is so vulnerable, but her style of growing trend in Europe and America, and some Asian aesthetic discrepancies.

They believe marriage has been officially put on the agenda, C Lo's "single" life, finally officially ended.