Three big superstars PK!All-star east, emotional demonstration, Harden lavish tight Trier Yang

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Three big superstars PK!All-star east, emotional demonstration, Harden lavish tight Trier Yang

2022-01-21 12:09:45 43 ℃

On January 21, NBA announced the third phase of all-star vote, the Lakers' superstar James has reveared over the lotus, from the beginning, 500,000 to now more than 800,000 votes, enough to see James's huge popularity and influence. Curry and James's vocabulary, Durant and letters of the east votes of the votes are very close. There is also the competition of the eastern future, which is also very intense, Durzan is in a single file and continue to lead. The gap between Tercha, Tre Yang, Ravin and Harden is very small.

According to the number of votes in the third phase, Tre Yang took the second place in the back of the eastern part of 2.14 million tickets, second only to Durzan. The Ravin's votes are 1980,000 8452, Harden is 196,2928 votes, the gap between the three people is very small, so the last person can rank the second, see it.

TRITET is currently leading to Ravin close to 160,000 votes, leading Harden more than 180,000 votes, but it is necessary to know that there is still a few days from the voting deadline, which is less than 200,000 votes, it is very likely to achieve anti-super. Teri Yang is the darling of Atlanta eagle, and he has previously served as the first guards of all stars.

Raven has become the core of the team very early, but many games have been absent because of the problem of knee injury. The Bull, where Lavin is located first, and his personal performance is also a vision, it is very good, plus the basketball metropolis in Chicago, so it is very likely that he will reverse Charles.

Harden's influence is also very big. Although the current Nets is most popular in Durant, Harden's strength can absolutely be selected. Of course, if you want to serve as the whole star, Harden still needs efforts. The performance of Harden this season fluctuated some fluctuations, and his basket network is ranked third in the east, and it is also very competitive.

So, the PK between TRT, Ravin and Harden, the competition is fierce, and after the point is full, after the number of final votes are announced, you can see that Tre Yang is leading, or Ravin and Harden. The wind turns over.